For 08/22/2016 To 08/26/2016


                             NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 NUVEEN HIGH INCOME FUND                                  JHB                   
 QWEST CORP 6.5% NTS 2056                                 CTBB                  

                             AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 FIRST TRUST HORIZON MGD VT                               HDMV                  
 PAR PACIFIC HOLDINGS INC R                               PARR.RT*              

                               NASDAQ STOCK MARKET

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 PRINCIPAL HEALTHCARE INNOV                               BTEC                  
 PRINCIPAL MILLENNIALS INDE                               GENY                  

                               OTC BULLETIN BOARD

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 CROWD SHARES AFTERMARKET,                                CRDWE                 

                                    OTHER OTC

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 88 ENERGY LTD ORDINARY SHA                               EEENF                 
 ADAMAS VENTURES INC COMMON                               ADMV                  
 BIND THERAPEUTICS INC WARR                               BDTRQ                 
 CARLSBERG AS ORDINARY SHAR                               CABHF                 
 CLEANAWAY WASTE MANAGEMENT                               TPAAY                 
 COGOBUY GROUP US$ ORD SHS                                CDBGF                 
*ENERGYO SOLUTIONS RUSSIA A                               EGSNF                 
 EVOLUTION GAMING GROUP AB                                EVVTY                 
 FIBERTOWER CORP. COMMON ST                               FBBT                  
 FS INVT CORP III COMMON ST                               FSNV                  
 GOLDCLIFF RESOURCE CORP OR                               GCFFD                 
 HANSOL PAPER CO LTD ORDINA                               HSPCF                 
 HORIZONS S&P/TSX 60 INDEX                                HRZSF                 
 INTERNATIONAL METALS STREA                               IMST                  
*                                                         ITRUF                 
*JAMCO CORP ORDINARY SHARES                               JMCCF                 
*JOEY NEW YORK INC                                        cJOEY                 
 MACH7 TECHNOLOGIES LTD ORD                               TDMMF                 
 MEDICO INTL INC COMMON STO                               MDDT                  
 NETENT AB ADR UNSPONSORED                                NTNTY                 
 NIPPON CARBON CO LTD ORDIN                               NCRBF                 
 NORTHERN DYNASTY MINERALS                                NDMWF                 
 OPTEX SYS HLDGS WARRANTS E                               OPXXW                 
 OUTSOURCING INC SHIZUOKA O                               OUSZF                 
*SAVDEN GROUP CORP                                        cSVDND                
 SOLGOLD PLC ORDINARY SHARE                               SLGGF                 
 STANDARD FOODS TAIWAN LTD                                STFXY                 
*SUNSET COVE MINING, INC OR                               SNCGD                 
 TIANHE UNION HOLDINGS LIMI                               TUAA                  
 TRONICS MICROSYSTEMS, CROL                               TRNNF                 
 TROPIC INTERNATIONAL, INC.                               TRPOD                 
 VOSTOK NEW VENTURES LTD. S                               VOTKF                 
 ZUEBLIN REAL ESTATE HLDG L                               ZBLNF