For 10/05/2015 To 10/09/2015


                             NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 DIGICEL GROUP LTD                                        DCEL                  
 DOW CHEMICAL COMP WHEN DIS                               DOW.W                 
 PURE STORAGE INC                                         PSTG                  
*THE SOUTHERN COMPANY                                     SOJA                  
*TRAVELCENTERS OF AMERICA L                               TANP                  

                             AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 CLAYMORE GUGGENHEIM BULLET                               BSCP                  
*ETRACS ALERIAN MLP INFRSTC                               MLPB                  
*ETRACS ALERIAN MLP SERIES                                AMUB                  
*ETRACS MONTHLY PAY 2X LV M                               MRRL                  
*ETRACS USB BBERG CONSTMATC                               UCIB                  
*ETRACS WELLS FARGO BUS DEV                               BDCZ                  
*ETRACS WELLS FARGO LONG BS                               LBDC                  
 GUGGENHEIM BULLETSHARES 20                               BSJN                  
 KLONDEX MINES LTD                                        KLDX                  
*POWERSHARES DEV EUROPAC CU                               FXEP                  
*POWERSHARES JAPAN CURR HDG                               FXJP                  
*POWERSHARES S&P500 VALUE                                 SPVU                  
*POWERSHARES SP500 MOMENTUM                               SPMO                  
 SELECT SECTOR SPDR FNL SVC                               XLFS                  
 SELECT SECTOR SPDR REAL ES                               XLRE                  

                               NASDAQ STOCK MARKET

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 ACLARIS THERAPEUTICS, INC.                               ACRS                  
 ALLEGIANCE BANCSHARES, INC                               ABTX                  
*CAPITOL ACQUISITION CORP.                                CLACU                 
 CPI CARD GROUP INC. COMMON                               PMTS                  
 CYTOMX THERAPEUTICS, INC.                                CTMX                  
*POWERSHARES DWA TACTICAL S                               DWTR                  

                                    OTHER OTC

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 ANAVEX LIFE SCIENCES CORP                                AVXL                  
 BLACKMORES LTD ORDINARY SH                               BLMMF                 
 BOURBON S A AMERICAN DEPOS                               BRBBY                 
 CALLINAN ROYALTIES CORP                                  CCNMF                 
 CHINA FORTUNE HOLDINGS LTD                               FRTHF                 
 CNL GROWTH PPTYS INC                                     CNGW                  
*CONCENTRIC AB ORDINARY SHA                               CCNTF                 
 DAIICHI CHUO KISEN KAISHA                                DCHKQ                 
 DALIAN WANDA COMMERCL PPTY                               DWNDF                 
 DREAM INTERNATIONAL LTD OR                               DRMMF                 
 EMERALD MEDICAL APPLICATIO                               MRLA                  
 EMPORER INTL HLGS LTD                                    EPRRY                 
 ETFS FOREIGN EXCHANGE LTD.                               FMEFF                 
 FIRST GLOBAL DATA LTD. COM                               FGBDF                 
 GLOBETRONICS TECHNOLOGY BH                               GBTKF                 
 HANJIN HEAVY IND & CONSTR                                HADDF                 
 IBIDEN CO LTD ORD AMERICAN                               IBIDY                 
 JAPAN DISPLAY INC ORDINARY                               JNNDF                 
 KEC HOLDINGS CO., LTC. ORD                               KCCHF                 
 MARTIN CURRIE PORTFOLIO IN                               MCUEF                 
*NORTH PACIFIC BANK LTD. OR                               NPAKF                 
*PHOTO-ME INTERNATIONAL PLC                               POMOF                 
 PLAZA BANCORP ORDINARY SHA                               PLZZ                  
 SANBIO CO LTD. COMMON STOC                               SNIBF                 
 SANBIO CO LTD                                            SNBIF                 
 SCOZINC MNG LTD                                          SWLNF                 
*SECOS GROUP LTD                                          CNIFF                 
 SUNEVISION HOLDINGS LTD OR                               SVNHF                 
 SUPER GROUP LTD RIGHTS SHS                               SSSGF                 
 SYNERGIS HOLDINGS LTD ORDI                               SYYNF                 
 TEARDROPPERS, INC. COMMON                                TRDP                  
 TORM A/S ORDINARY SHARES (                               TRMSF                 
 U&I FINANCIAL CORPORATION                                UNIF                  
 VINX CORP ORDINARY SHARES                                VXNNF                 
 WESTPORTS HLDGS BHD ORDINA                               WSTTF