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"Awesome response, as usual. It is a sincere and refreshing pleasure to do business with DTN, compared to your competition." - Comment from Ryan
"Thank you so much - awesome feed, awesome service!" - Comment from Greg via Email
"I will tell others who want to go into trading that DTN ProphetX is an invaluable tool, I don't think anyone can trade without it..." - Comment from Luther
"I used to have *******, but they are way more money for the same thing. I have had no probs with data from DTN since switching over." - Comment from Public Forum Post
"If you want customer service that answers the phone, your best bet is IQFeed. I cannot stop praising them or their technical support. They are always there for you, and they are quick. I have used ****** too but the best value is IQFeed." - Comment from Public Forum
"I just wanted to tell you what a fine job you have been doing. While *******, from what I hear, has been down and out, off and on, IQ feed has held like a champ this week." - Comment from Shirin
"Excellent datafeed !!!" - Comment from Arely
"You have an excellent feed. Very few spikes for Spot Forex." - Comment from Public Forum Post
"If someone needs the best quality data and backfill beyond what their broker provides at a rate that is the best in the industry, I highly recommend IQFeed." - Comment from Josh via Public Forum
"I just wanted to let you know how fast and easy I found it to integrate IQFeed into our existing Java code using your JNI client. In my experience, such things almost never go so smoothly - great job!" - Comment from Nate
"If you are serious about your trading I would not rely on IB data for serious daytrading. Took me a while to justify the cost of IQ Feed and in the end, it's just a 2 point stop on ES. Better safe than sorry" - Comment from Public Forum
"Everything is working great ! Very impressive client. The news refreshes better and is more pertinent than the ******* feed I paid $ 100/month for. I Also like the charts a lot." - Comment from Leon
"It’s so nice to be working with real professionals!" - Comment from Len
"After all the anxiety I had with my previous data provider it is a relief not to have to worry about data speed and integrity." - Comment from Eamonn
"IQ feed works very well, does not have all of the normal interruptions I have grown used to on *******" - Comment from Mark
"I ran your IQFeed DDE vs. my broker vs. a level II window for some slow-moving options. I would see the level II quote change, then your feed update instantaneously. My broker's DDE, however, would take as much as 30 seconds to update. I am not chasing milliseconds, but half a minute is unacceptable." - Comment from Rob
"Can I get another account from you? I am tired of ******* going down so often" - Comment from George
"The people at Nirvana have very nice things to say about your company and I can see why! Price and service is a potent combination." - Comment from Ed
"You are either overstaffed or people just don't have problems with your feed because customer support always answers the phone quickly." - Comment from Jay via Email
"Thanks for following up with me. You guys do a great job in tech support." - Comment from Phelps
"Thanks for all of your help. Great customer service deserves to be recognized which one the reasons I've been a customer of DTN for over 10 years!" - Comment from Stuart
"Interactive Brokers tick data was inconsistent, so I have switched to using DTN exclusively. It is great to no longer have to worry about my datafeed all day long." - Comment from Philippe
"I am very happy I changed. I love the product, but more so I am thrilled with Tech Support. You are knowledgeable, polite, pleasant and professional." - Comment from Pat
"And by the way, have to say this. I love the IQFeed software. It's rock solid and it has a really nice API." - Comment from Thomas via RT Chat
"Everything is working amazing now. I'm already impressed with the true-tick feed of IQFeed and it's ability to support my 480 symbol layout." - Comment from Tyler via Email
"Just a quick one to say I'm very impressed so far :) The documentation for developers is excellent and I've quickly managed to get an app written to do historical downloads. The system is very robust and pretty quick considering the extent of data that's available. The support guys have been very helpful too, in combination with the forums it's been plain sailing so far!" - Comment from Adam
"I am enjoying the feed very much - so superior to the broker provided feed I was previously using." - Comment from George
"As a past ******* customer(and not a happy one), IQ Feed by DTN is a much better and cheaper product with great customer support. I have had no problems at all since switching over." - Comment from Public Forum
"IQ feed is brilliant. The support is mind-bending. What service!" - Comment from Public Forum Post
"Thanks for the great product and support. During this week of high volume trading, my QuoteTracker + IQ Feed setup never missed a beat. Also, thanks for your swiftness in responding to data issues. I was on ******* for a few years before I made the switch over early this year, and wish I had done it a long time ago." - Comment from Ken
"I'm satisfied with IQFeed. It's the most reliable and fastest quote feed I have ever used. Although I'm a resident in China, it's still very fast!" - Comment from Xiaofei
"Its working FABULOUSLY for me!! Holy cow...there has been so much I've been missing lately, and with this feed and Linnsoft software...I'm in the game now." - Comment from Chris R.
"I've been using Neoticker RT with IQFeed for two months, and I'm very happy with both of the products (I've had IQFeed for two years with very few complaints). The service from both companies is exceptional." - Comment from Public Forum
"I had always used ******* but for the past 2 weeks have been trying DTN IQFeed. Customer support has been extraordinary. They call just to make sure your problem hasn't recurred." - Comment from Public Forum
"I am very pleased with the DTNIQ system for quotes and news." - Comment from Larry
"Just a thank you for the very helpful and prompt assistance and services. You provided me with noticeably superior service in my setup compared to a couple of other options I had looked at." - Comment from John
"I have to tell you though that using the IQFeed API is about the easiest and cleanest I have seen for some time." - Comment from Jim
"I started a trial a few weeks back before the market went wild. DTN.IQ didn’t miss anything and beat my other provider. I decided to stay with you because of the great service through all the volatility." - Comment from Mike
"Very impressed with the quality of your feed - ******* is a real donkey in comparison." - Comment from A.C. via Email
"Previously I was using *******. IQFeed is WAY more economical, and for my charting needs is just as good, if not better." - Comment from Public Forum Post
"I just wanted to say how happy I am with your service. I was able to download the API docs last week and I was able to replicate Interactive Brokers historical bar queries and realtime bar queries over the weekend. That was about one of the fastest integrations that I've ever done and it works perfectly!!!!" - Comment from Jason via Email
"DTN has never given me problems. It is incredibly stable. In fact I've occasionally lost the data feed from Interactive Brokers, but still been able to trade because I'm getting good data from DTN." - Comment from Leighton
"You are much better than lawyers or the phone company because you answer the phone when I call! I just love your customer service." - Comment from Isreal
"I'm very glad I switched to IQFeed. It's working perfectly with no lag, even during fast market conditions." - Comment from Andy via Email
"Thank God for your Data Feed as the only Zippers I see are on my pants (LOL), and no more 200 pip spikes to mess up charts." - Comment from Spiro via Email
"I've never had DTN go out on me since switching. ******* would go down a couple times every month when I was using them." - Comment from Bryce in AL.
"Everything is working great with the API. I love it." - Comment from Calvin
"I have been using IQFeed now for a few years in MultiCharts and I have zero complaints. Very, very rare to have any data hiccups or anything at all go wrong." - Comment from Public Forum
"With HUGE volume on AAPL and RIMM for 2 days, everyone in a trading room was whining about freezes, crashes and lag with *******, RealTick, TS and Cyber. InvestorRT with IQFeed was rock solid. I mean SOLID!" - Comment from Public IRC Chat
"I like you guys better than *******...much more stable and a whole lot fewer issues." - Comment from Philip
"For anyone considering using DTN.IQ for a data feed, my experience with the quality of data and the tech support has been very positive." - Comment from Public Forum
"IQFeed version 4 is a real screamer compared to anything else I have seen." - Comment from Tom
"This is an excellent value, the system is generous (allowing for 500 stocks) and stable (and really is tick-by-tick), and the support is fantastic." - Comment from Shirin via Email
"You have an excellent product !!!!!!" - Comment from Arely
"This beats the pants off CQG, I am definitely switching to the ProphetX 3.0!" - Comment from Stephen
"My broker in Davenport suggested I give you a try as he uses your service and says its the best." - Comment from Bill via RT Chat
"Version has been working well for me and I appreciate that it is now a much tighter client to work with. I feel I can go to press with my own application and rely on a stable platform" - Comment from David in IA.
"I just wanted to let u know that your data feed/service is by far the best!!! Your unfiltered tick data is excellent for reading order flow and none of your competitors delivers this quality of data!" - Comment from Peter via Email
"I was on the phone with a friend who uses CQG and right after the Fed announcement, CQG was as much as 30 seconds behind DTN.IQ. Some quotes were off by as much as 15-18 cents. Your feed never missed a beat." - Comment from Roger
"There is no doubt that IQFeed is the best data provider. I am very satisfied with your services. And IQFeed is the only one that I would recommend to my friends. Now, most of them are using your product in China." - Comment from Zhezhe
"I am a hedge fund manager here. It’s funny, I have a Bloomberg terminal and a Bridge feed, but I still like having my DTN feed!" - Comment from Feras
"I use IQ Feed, Great stuff as far as data analysis information, storage and retrieval is concerned." - Comment from Public Forum
"I was with ******* for 4 years at $230 a month, this is a huge savings for me, GOD BLESS YOU PEOPLE," - Comment from T.S. via Email
"I "bracket trade" all major news releases and I have not found one lag or glitch with DTN.IQ feed. I am very comfortable with their feed under all typical news conditions (Fed releases, employment numbers, etc)." - Comment from Public Forum
"The service is great, I see a noticeable improvement in my volume profiles over [broker]'s data feed" - Comment from Larry
"I've been using IQFeed 4 in a multi-threaded situation for the last week or two on 2600 symbols or so with 100 simultaneous daily charts, and I have had 100% responsiveness." - Comment from Scott
"DTN feed was the only feed that consistently matched Bloomberg feed for BID/ASK data verification work these past years......DTN feed is a must for my supply & demand based trading using Cumulative Delta" - Comment from Public Forum Post
"I would just like to say that IQFeed version 4 is running very well and I am very happy with its performance. I would also like to extend a big thanks for the fast and efficient help that I always receive. My questions and concerns are always addressed promptly. Way to go!" - Comment from Josh in CO.
"I cannot believe what a difference it makes trading with ProphetX!" - Comment from Bruce in Los Angeles
"Boy, probably spent a thousand hours trying to get ******* API to work right. And now two hours to have something running with IQFeed. Hmmm, guess I was pretty stupid to fight rather than switch all this time. And have gotten more customer service from you guys already than total from them… in five years." - Comment from Jim
"I am keeping IQFeed, much better reliabilty than *******. I may refer a few other people in the office to switch as well." - Comment from Don
"I noticed that ******* quotes locked up shortly after the interest rate announcement yesterday while yours stayed stable." - Comment from Ron in Utah
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Symbol Guide: Forex Data

DTN provides multiple sources: TenFore (multiple contributors) and FXCM
. Our Premium Forex add-on service includes both Tenfore and FXCM, while the Basic Forex add-on includes only FXCM.
The symbology for TenFore FOREX symbols is

For Example: USDJPY.COMP (USD/JPY Composite symbol for all contributors) OR USDJPY.MBT (USD/JPY for only MB Trading contributor)

The symbology for TenFore Precious Metals symbols is

For Example: XAGUSDO.COMP (Silver Ounce USD Composite)

The symbology for TenFore Coin symbols is

For Example: BRIUSDC.COMP (Britannia Coin USD Composite)

TENFORE: Records=1692
Below is a list of Spot Composite symbols only. Forward Months and quotes from specific contributors are also available. In addition, OTC Precious Metals/Coin pricing is included with TenFore. Use the Symbol Search for more detail.
Symbol Description
AEDAUD.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Australia Dollar Spot
AEDBHD.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Bahrain Dinar Spot
AEDCAD.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Canada Dollar Spot
AEDCHF.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Switzerland Franc Spot
AEDDKK.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Denmark Krone Spot
AEDEUR.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/European Common Market Euro Spot
AEDGBP.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
AEDINR.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/India Rupee Spot
AEDISK.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Iceland Kronur Spot
AEDJPY.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Japan Yen Spot
AEDNOK.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Norway Krone Spot
AEDNZD.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/New Zealand Dollar Spot
AEDPKR.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Pakistan Rupee Spot
AEDSAR.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Saudi Arabia Riyal Spot
AEDSEK.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/Sweden Krona Spot
AEDUSD.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/USA Dollar Spot
AEDZAR.COMP U.A.E. Dirham/South Africa Rand Spot
AFNGBP.COMP /United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
ALLEUR.COMP Albania Lek/European Common Market Euro Spot
ALLGBP.COMP Albania Lek/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
ALLUSD.COMP Albania Lek/USA Dollar Spot
AMDUSD.COMP Armenia Dram/USA Dollar Spot
ANGGBP.COMP Netherlands Antilean Guilder/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
ANGSRD.COMP Netherlands Antilean Guilder/ Spot
ANGUSD.COMP Netherlands Antilean Guilder/USA Dollar Spot
ARSAUD.COMP Argentina New Peso/Australia Dollar Spot
ARSBRL.COMP Argentina New Peso/Brazil Real Spot
ARSCAD.COMP Argentina New Peso/Canada Dollar Spot
ARSCHF.COMP Argentina New Peso/Switzerland Franc Spot
ARSCLP.COMP Argentina New Peso/Chile Peso Spot
ARSCOP.COMP Argentina New Peso/Colombia Peso Spot
ARSDKK.COMP Argentina New Peso/Denmark Krone Spot
ARSEUR.COMP Argentina New Peso/European Common Market Euro Spot
ARSGBP.COMP Argentina New Peso/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
ARSHKD.COMP Argentina New Peso/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
ARSHUF.COMP Argentina New Peso/Hungary Forint Spot
ARSJPY.COMP Argentina New Peso/Japan Yen Spot
ARSMXN.COMP Argentina New Peso/Mexico New Peso Spot
ARSPEN.COMP Argentina New Peso/Peru Inti Spot
ARSSGD.COMP Argentina New Peso/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
ARSUSD.COMP Argentina New Peso/USA Dollar Spot
ARSZAR.COMP Argentina New Peso/South Africa Rand Spot
AUDAED.COMP Australia Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
AUDARS.COMP Australia Dollar/Argentina New Peso Spot
AUDBGN.COMP Australia Dollar/Bulgaria Lev Spot
AUDBRL.COMP Australia Dollar/Brazil Real Spot
AUDCAD.COMP Australia Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
AUDCADSN.COMP Australia Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
AUDCHF.COMP Australia Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
AUDCHFSN.COMP Australia Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
AUDCLP.COMP Australia Dollar/Chile Peso Spot
AUDCNH.COMP Australia Dollar/ Spot
AUDCNY.COMP Australia Dollar/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
AUDCZK.COMP Australia Dollar/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
AUDDKK.COMP Australia Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
AUDEUR.COMP Australia Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
AUDFJD.COMP Australia Dollar/Fiji Dollar Spot
AUDGBP.COMP Australia Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
AUDHKD.COMP Australia Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
AUDHRK.COMP Australia Dollar/Croatia Kuna Spot
AUDHUF.COMP Australia Dollar/Hungary Forint Spot
AUDIDR.COMP Australia Dollar/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
AUDILS.COMP Australia Dollar/Israel Shekel Spot
AUDINR.COMP Australia Dollar/India Rupee Spot
AUDISK.COMP Australia Dollar/Iceland Kronur Spot
AUDJPY.COMP Australia Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
AUDJPYSN.COMP Australia Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
AUDKRW.COMP Australia Dollar/Republic of Korea Won Spot
AUDLTL.COMP Australia Dollar/Lithuania Litas Spot
AUDMAD.COMP Australia Dollar/Morocco Dirham Spot
AUDMXN.COMP Australia Dollar/Mexico New Peso Spot
AUDMYR.COMP Australia Dollar/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
AUDNOK.COMP Australia Dollar/Norway Krone Spot
AUDNZD.COMP Australia Dollar/New Zealand Dollar Spot
AUDNZDSN.COMP Australia Dollar/New Zealand Dollar Spot
AUDPGK.COMP Australia Dollar/Papua New Guinea Kina Spot
AUDPHP.COMP Australia Dollar/Philippines Peso Spot
AUDPKR.COMP Australia Dollar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
AUDPLN.COMP Australia Dollar/Poland New Zloty Spot
AUDRUB.COMP Australia Dollar/Russia Ruble Spot
AUDSDR.COMP Australia Dollar/ Spot
AUDSEK.COMP Australia Dollar/Sweden Krona Spot
AUDSGD.COMP Australia Dollar/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
AUDTHB.COMP Australia Dollar/Thailand Baht Spot
AUDTOP.COMP Australia Dollar/Tonga Pa'anga Spot
AUDTRY.COMP Australia Dollar/Turkey Lira Spot
AUDTWD.COMP Australia Dollar/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
AUDUSD.COMP Australia Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
AUDUSDSN.COMP Australia Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
AUDZAR.COMP Australia Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
AWGGBP.COMP Aruba Guilder/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
AWGSRD.COMP Aruba Guilder/ Spot
AWGUSD.COMP Aruba Guilder/USA Dollar Spot
BAMGBP.COMP /United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BBDDKK.COMP Barbados Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
BBDEUR.COMP Barbados Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
BBDGBP.COMP Barbados Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BBDSRD.COMP Barbados Dollar/ Spot
BBDUSD.COMP Barbados Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
BDTGBP.COMP Bangladesh Taka/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BDTJPY.COMP Bangladesh Taka/Japan Yen Spot
BDTSEK.COMP Bangladesh Taka/Sweden Krona Spot
BDTUSD.COMP Bangladesh Taka/USA Dollar Spot
BGNAUD.COMP Bulgaria Lev/Australia Dollar Spot
BGNCAD.COMP Bulgaria Lev/Canada Dollar Spot
BGNCNY.COMP Bulgaria Lev/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
BGNDKK.COMP Bulgaria Lev/Denmark Krone Spot
BGNPLN.COMP Bulgaria Lev/Poland New Zloty Spot
BGNUSD.COMP Bulgaria Lev/USA Dollar Spot
BHDDKK.COMP Bahrain Dinar/Denmark Krone Spot
BHDEUR.COMP Bahrain Dinar/European Common Market Euro Spot
BHDPKR.COMP Bahrain Dinar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
BHDUSD.COMP Bahrain Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
BIFUSD.COMP Burundi Franc/USA Dollar Spot
BMDBBD.COMP Bermuda Dollar/Barbados Dollar Spot
BMDCAD.COMP Bermuda Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
BMDDKK.COMP Bermuda Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
BMDEUR.COMP Bermuda Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
BMDGBP.COMP Bermuda Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BMDKYD.COMP Bermuda Dollar/Cayman Islands Dollars Spot
BNDDKK.COMP Brunei Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
BNDGBP.COMP Brunei Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BNDUSD.COMP Brunei Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
BOBGBP.COMP Bolivia Bolivianos/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BOBUSD.COMP Bolivia Bolivianos/USA Dollar Spot
BRLARS.COMP Brazil Real/Argentina New Peso Spot
BRLAUD.COMP Brazil Real/Australia Dollar Spot
BRLCAD.COMP Brazil Real/Canada Dollar Spot
BRLCHF.COMP Brazil Real/Switzerland Franc Spot
BRLCLP.COMP Brazil Real/Chile Peso Spot
BRLCOP.COMP Brazil Real/Colombia Peso Spot
BRLEUR.COMP Brazil Real/European Common Market Euro Spot
BRLGBP.COMP Brazil Real/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BRLHKD.COMP Brazil Real/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
BRLJPY.COMP Brazil Real/Japan Yen Spot
BRLKRW.COMP Brazil Real/Republic of Korea Won Spot
BRLMXN.COMP Brazil Real/Mexico New Peso Spot
BRLNOK.COMP Brazil Real/Norway Krone Spot
BRLNZD.COMP Brazil Real/New Zealand Dollar Spot
BRLPEN.COMP Brazil Real/Peru Inti Spot
BRLRSD.COMP Brazil Real/Serbia Dinar Spot
BRLRUB.COMP Brazil Real/Russia Ruble Spot
BRLSEK.COMP Brazil Real/Sweden Krona Spot
BRLSGD.COMP Brazil Real/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
BRLSRD.COMP Brazil Real/ Spot
BRLUSD.COMP Brazil Real/USA Dollar Spot
BRLVEF.COMP Brazil Real/Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte Spot
BRLXOF.COMP Brazil Real/West Africa Franc Spot
BRLZAR.COMP Brazil Real/South Africa Rand Spot
BSDDKK.COMP Bahama Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
BSDGBP.COMP Bahama Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BSDUSD.COMP Bahama Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
BTNGBP.COMP Bhutan Ngultrum/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BTNUSD.COMP Bhutan Ngultrum/USA Dollar Spot
BWPCHF.COMP Botswana Pula/Switzerland Franc Spot
BWPDKK.COMP Botswana Pula/Denmark Krone Spot
BWPEUR.COMP Botswana Pula/European Common Market Euro Spot
BWPGBP.COMP Botswana Pula/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BWPISK.COMP Botswana Pula/Iceland Kronur Spot
BWPJPY.COMP Botswana Pula/Japan Yen Spot
BWPNOK.COMP Botswana Pula/Norway Krone Spot
BWPSEK.COMP Botswana Pula/Sweden Krona Spot
BWPUSD.COMP Botswana Pula/USA Dollar Spot
BWPXOF.COMP Botswana Pula/West Africa Franc Spot
BWPZAR.COMP Botswana Pula/South Africa Rand Spot
BYNGBP.COMP /United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
BZDUSD.COMP Belize Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
CADAED.COMP Canada Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
CADARS.COMP Canada Dollar/Argentina New Peso Spot
CADAUD.COMP Canada Dollar/Australia Dollar Spot
CADBGN.COMP Canada Dollar/Bulgaria Lev Spot
CADBMD.COMP Canada Dollar/Bermuda Dollar Spot
CADBRL.COMP Canada Dollar/Brazil Real Spot
CADCHF.COMP Canada Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
CADCHFSN.COMP Canada Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
CADCNH.COMP Canada Dollar/ Spot
CADCNY.COMP Canada Dollar/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
CADCOP.COMP Canada Dollar/Colombia Peso Spot
CADCZK.COMP Canada Dollar/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
CADDKK.COMP Canada Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
CADEUR.COMP Canada Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
CADGBP.COMP Canada Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CADHKD.COMP Canada Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
CADHRK.COMP Canada Dollar/Croatia Kuna Spot
CADHUF.COMP Canada Dollar/Hungary Forint Spot
CADIDR.COMP Canada Dollar/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
CADILS.COMP Canada Dollar/Israel Shekel Spot
CADINR.COMP Canada Dollar/India Rupee Spot
CADISK.COMP Canada Dollar/Iceland Kronur Spot
CADJPY.COMP Canada Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
CADJPYSN.COMP Canada Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
CADKRW.COMP Canada Dollar/Republic of Korea Won Spot
CADKWD.COMP Canada Dollar/Kuwait Dinar Spot
CADKYD.COMP Canada Dollar/Cayman Islands Dollars Spot
CADMXN.COMP Canada Dollar/Mexico New Peso Spot
CADMYR.COMP Canada Dollar/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
CADNOK.COMP Canada Dollar/Norway Krone Spot
CADNZD.COMP Canada Dollar/New Zealand Dollar Spot
CADPEN.COMP Canada Dollar/Peru Inti Spot
CADPKR.COMP Canada Dollar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
CADPLN.COMP Canada Dollar/Poland New Zloty Spot
CADRUB.COMP Canada Dollar/Russia Ruble Spot
CADSAR.COMP Canada Dollar/Saudi Arabia Riyal Spot
CADSDR.COMP Canada Dollar/ Spot
CADSEK.COMP Canada Dollar/Sweden Krona Spot
CADSGD.COMP Canada Dollar/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
CADTHB.COMP Canada Dollar/Thailand Baht Spot
CADTRY.COMP Canada Dollar/Turkey Lira Spot
CADTWD.COMP Canada Dollar/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
CADUSD.COMP Canada Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
CADVND.COMP Canada Dollar/Vietnam Dong Spot
CADZAR.COMP Canada Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
CDFGBP.COMP /United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CHFAED.COMP Switzerland Franc/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
CHFARS.COMP Switzerland Franc/Argentina New Peso Spot
CHFAUD.COMP Switzerland Franc/Australia Dollar Spot
CHFBRL.COMP Switzerland Franc/Brazil Real Spot
CHFBWP.COMP Switzerland Franc/Botswana Pula Spot
CHFCAD.COMP Switzerland Franc/Canada Dollar Spot
CHFCLP.COMP Switzerland Franc/Chile Peso Spot
CHFCNH.COMP Switzerland Franc/ Spot
CHFCNY.COMP Switzerland Franc/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
CHFCZK.COMP Switzerland Franc/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
CHFDKK.COMP Switzerland Franc/Denmark Krone Spot
CHFEUR.COMP Switzerland Franc/European Common Market Euro Spot
CHFGBP.COMP Switzerland Franc/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CHFHKD.COMP Switzerland Franc/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
CHFHUF.COMP Switzerland Franc/Hungary Forint Spot
CHFIDR.COMP Switzerland Franc/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
CHFILS.COMP Switzerland Franc/Israel Shekel Spot
CHFINR.COMP Switzerland Franc/India Rupee Spot
CHFISK.COMP Switzerland Franc/Iceland Kronur Spot
CHFJPY.COMP Switzerland Franc/Japan Yen Spot
CHFJPYSN.COMP Switzerland Franc/Japan Yen Spot
CHFKRW.COMP Switzerland Franc/Republic of Korea Won Spot
CHFLVL.COMP Switzerland Franc/Latvia Lat Spot
CHFMXN.COMP Switzerland Franc/Mexico New Peso Spot
CHFMYR.COMP Switzerland Franc/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
CHFNOK.COMP Switzerland Franc/Norway Krone Spot
CHFNZD.COMP Switzerland Franc/New Zealand Dollar Spot
CHFPKR.COMP Switzerland Franc/Pakistan Rupee Spot
CHFPLN.COMP Switzerland Franc/Poland New Zloty Spot
CHFRON.COMP Switzerland Franc/Romania New Leu Spot
CHFRSD.COMP Switzerland Franc/Serbia Dinar Spot
CHFRUB.COMP Switzerland Franc/Russia Ruble Spot
CHFSDR.COMP Switzerland Franc/ Spot
CHFSEK.COMP Switzerland Franc/Sweden Krona Spot
CHFSGD.COMP Switzerland Franc/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
CHFSZL.COMP Switzerland Franc/Swaziland Lilageni Spot
CHFTHB.COMP Switzerland Franc/Thailand Baht Spot
CHFTRY.COMP Switzerland Franc/Turkey Lira Spot
CHFTWD.COMP Switzerland Franc/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
CHFUSD.COMP Switzerland Franc/USA Dollar Spot
CHFUZS.COMP Switzerland Franc/Uzbekistan Som Spot
CHFZAR.COMP Switzerland Franc/South Africa Rand Spot
CLPARS.COMP Chile Peso/Argentina New Peso Spot
CLPAUD.COMP Chile Peso/Australia Dollar Spot
CLPBRL.COMP Chile Peso/Brazil Real Spot
CLPCHF.COMP Chile Peso/Switzerland Franc Spot
CLPCNY.COMP Chile Peso/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
CLPCOP.COMP Chile Peso/Colombia Peso Spot
CLPDKK.COMP Chile Peso/Denmark Krone Spot
CLPEUR.COMP Chile Peso/European Common Market Euro Spot
CLPGBP.COMP Chile Peso/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CLPMXN.COMP Chile Peso/Mexico New Peso Spot
CLPPEN.COMP Chile Peso/Peru Inti Spot
CLPUSD.COMP Chile Peso/USA Dollar Spot
CLPZAR.COMP Chile Peso/South Africa Rand Spot
CNHHKD.COMP /Hong Kong Dollar Spot
CNHIDR.COMP /Indonesia Rupiah Spot
CNHINR.COMP /India Rupee Spot
CNHJPY.COMP /Japan Yen Spot
CNHKRW.COMP /Republic of Korea Won Spot
CNHPHP.COMP /Philippines Peso Spot
CNHTHB.COMP /Thailand Baht Spot
CNHTWD.COMP /Taiwan New Dollar Spot
CNYAUD.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Australia Dollar Spot
CNYBGN.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Bulgaria Lev Spot
CNYCAD.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Canada Dollar Spot
CNYCHF.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Switzerland Franc Spot
CNYCLP.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Chile Peso Spot
CNYDKK.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Denmark Krone Spot
CNYEUR.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/European Common Market Euro Spot
CNYGBP.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CNYHKD.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
CNYINR.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/India Rupee Spot
CNYISK.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Iceland Kronur Spot
CNYJPY.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Japan Yen Spot
CNYKRW.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Republic of Korea Won Spot
CNYNOK.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Norway Krone Spot
CNYNZD.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/New Zealand Dollar Spot
CNYPLN.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Poland New Zloty Spot
CNYSDR.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/ Spot
CNYSEK.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Sweden Krona Spot
CNYSGD.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
CNYSRD.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/ Spot
CNYUSD.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/USA Dollar Spot
CNYXOF.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/West Africa Franc Spot
CNYZAR.COMP Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi/South Africa Rand Spot
COPARS.COMP Colombia Peso/Argentina New Peso Spot
COPBRL.COMP Colombia Peso/Brazil Real Spot
COPCAD.COMP Colombia Peso/Canada Dollar Spot
COPCLP.COMP Colombia Peso/Chile Peso Spot
COPDKK.COMP Colombia Peso/Denmark Krone Spot
COPMXN.COMP Colombia Peso/Mexico New Peso Spot
COPPLN.COMP Colombia Peso/Poland New Zloty Spot
COPUSD.COMP Colombia Peso/USA Dollar Spot
COPZAR.COMP Colombia Peso/South Africa Rand Spot
CRCGBP.COMP Costa Rica Colones/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CRCUSD.COMP Costa Rica Colones/USA Dollar Spot
CUPUSD.COMP Cuba Peso/USA Dollar Spot
CVEDKK.COMP Cape Verde Escudo/Denmark Krone Spot
CVEGBP.COMP Cape Verde Escudo/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CVEUSD.COMP Cape Verde Escudo/USA Dollar Spot
CYPCHF.COMP Cyprus Pound/Switzerland Franc Spot
CYPGBP.COMP Cyprus Pound/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CYPUSD.COMP Cyprus Pound/USA Dollar Spot
CYPZAR.COMP Cyprus Pound/South Africa Rand Spot
CZKAUD.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Australia Dollar Spot
CZKCAD.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Canada Dollar Spot
CZKCHF.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Switzerland Franc Spot
CZKDKK.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Denmark Krone Spot
CZKEUR.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/European Common Market Euro Spot
CZKGBP.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
CZKHKD.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
CZKHUF.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Hungary Forint Spot
CZKISK.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Iceland Kronur Spot
CZKJPY.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Japan Yen Spot
CZKMXN.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Mexico New Peso Spot
CZKNOK.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Norway Krone Spot
CZKNZD.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/New Zealand Dollar Spot
CZKPLN.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Poland New Zloty Spot
CZKSEK.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Sweden Krona Spot
CZKSGD.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
CZKTRY.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/Turkey Lira Spot
CZKUSD.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/USA Dollar Spot
CZKZAR.COMP Czech Republic Koruna/South Africa Rand Spot
DJFGBP.COMP Djibouti Franc/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
DJFUSD.COMP Djibouti Franc/USA Dollar Spot
DKKAED.COMP Denmark Krone/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
DKKAUD.COMP Denmark Krone/Australia Dollar Spot
DKKBGN.COMP Denmark Krone/Bulgaria Lev Spot
DKKCAD.COMP Denmark Krone/Canada Dollar Spot
DKKCHF.COMP Denmark Krone/Switzerland Franc Spot
DKKCNY.COMP Denmark Krone/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
DKKCOP.COMP Denmark Krone/Colombia Peso Spot
DKKCZK.COMP Denmark Krone/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
DKKEUR.COMP Denmark Krone/European Common Market Euro Spot
DKKEURSN.COMP Denmark Krone/European Common Market Euro Spot
DKKGBP.COMP Denmark Krone/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
DKKHKD.COMP Denmark Krone/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
DKKHUF.COMP Denmark Krone/Hungary Forint Spot
DKKINR.COMP Denmark Krone/India Rupee Spot
DKKISK.COMP Denmark Krone/Iceland Kronur Spot
DKKJPY.COMP Denmark Krone/Japan Yen Spot
DKKLVL.COMP Denmark Krone/Latvia Lat Spot
DKKMXN.COMP Denmark Krone/Mexico New Peso Spot
DKKMYR.COMP Denmark Krone/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
DKKNOK.COMP Denmark Krone/Norway Krone Spot
DKKNZD.COMP Denmark Krone/New Zealand Dollar Spot
DKKPHP.COMP Denmark Krone/Philippines Peso Spot
DKKPKR.COMP Denmark Krone/Pakistan Rupee Spot
DKKPLN.COMP Denmark Krone/Poland New Zloty Spot
DKKSDR.COMP Denmark Krone/ Spot
DKKSEK.COMP Denmark Krone/Sweden Krona Spot
DKKSGD.COMP Denmark Krone/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
DKKTHB.COMP Denmark Krone/Thailand Baht Spot
DKKTRY.COMP Denmark Krone/Turkey Lira Spot
DKKTWD.COMP Denmark Krone/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
DKKUAH.COMP Denmark Krone/Ukraine Hryvna Spot
DKKUSD.COMP Denmark Krone/USA Dollar Spot
DKKZAR.COMP Denmark Krone/South Africa Rand Spot
DOPDKK.COMP Dominican Republic Peso/Denmark Krone Spot
DOPGBP.COMP Dominican Republic Peso/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
DOPUSD.COMP Dominican Republic Peso/USA Dollar Spot
DZDEUR.COMP Algeria Dinar/European Common Market Euro Spot
DZDUSD.COMP Algeria Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
EGPDKK.COMP Egypt Pound/Denmark Krone Spot
EGPEUR.COMP Egypt Pound/European Common Market Euro Spot
EGPJPY.COMP Egypt Pound/Japan Yen Spot
EGPNOK.COMP Egypt Pound/Norway Krone Spot
EGPPKR.COMP Egypt Pound/Pakistan Rupee Spot
EGPSEK.COMP Egypt Pound/Sweden Krona Spot
EGPUSD.COMP Egypt Pound/USA Dollar Spot
EGPZAR.COMP Egypt Pound/South Africa Rand Spot
ETBGBP.COMP Ethiopia Birr/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
ETBUSD.COMP Ethiopia Birr/USA Dollar Spot
ETBZAR.COMP Ethiopia Birr/South Africa Rand Spot
EURAED.COMP European Common Market Euro/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
EURAFN.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURALL.COMP European Common Market Euro/Albania Lek Spot
EURAMD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Armenia Dram Spot
EURAOA.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURARS.COMP European Common Market Euro/Argentina New Peso Spot
EURAUD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Australia Dollar Spot
EURAUDSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Australia Dollar Spot
EURAZN.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURBAM.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURBBD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Barbados Dollar Spot
EURBDT.COMP European Common Market Euro/Bangladesh Taka Spot
EURBGN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Bulgaria Lev Spot
EURBHD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Bahrain Dinar Spot
EURBIF.COMP European Common Market Euro/Burundi Franc Spot
EURBMD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Bermuda Dollar Spot
EURBND.COMP European Common Market Euro/Brunei Dollar Spot
EURBOB.COMP European Common Market Euro/Bolivia Bolivianos Spot
EURBRL.COMP European Common Market Euro/Brazil Real Spot
EURBSD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Bahama Dollar Spot
EURBTN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Bhutan Ngultrum Spot
EURBWP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Botswana Pula Spot
EURBYN.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURBZD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Belize Dollar Spot
EURCAD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Canada Dollar Spot
EURCDF.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURCHF.COMP European Common Market Euro/Switzerland Franc Spot
EURCHFSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Switzerland Franc Spot
EURCLP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Chile Peso Spot
EURCNH.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURCNY.COMP European Common Market Euro/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
EURCOP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Colombia Peso Spot
EURCRC.COMP European Common Market Euro/Costa Rica Colones Spot
EURCUP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Cuba Peso Spot
EURCVE.COMP European Common Market Euro/Cape Verde Escudo Spot
EURCZK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
EURDJF.COMP European Common Market Euro/Djibouti Franc Spot
EURDKK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Denmark Krone Spot
EURDKKSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Denmark Krone Spot
EURDOP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Dominican Republic Peso Spot
EURDZD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Algeria Dinar Spot
EUREGP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Egypt Pound Spot
EURETB.COMP European Common Market Euro/Ethiopia Birr Spot
EURFJD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Fiji Dollar Spot
EURGBP.COMP European Common Market Euro/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
EURGBPSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
EURGBX.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURGHS.COMP European Common Market Euro/Ghanaian New Cedi Spot
EURGNF.COMP European Common Market Euro/Guinea Franc Spot
EURGTQ.COMP European Common Market Euro/Guatemala Quetzal Spot
EURGYD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Guyana Dollar Spot
EURHKD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
EURHNL.COMP European Common Market Euro/Honduras Lempira Spot
EURHRK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Croatia Kuna Spot
EURHTG.COMP European Common Market Euro/Haiti Gourde Spot
EURHUF.COMP European Common Market Euro/Hungary Forint Spot
EURIDR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
EURILS.COMP European Common Market Euro/Israel Shekel Spot
EURINR.COMP European Common Market Euro/India Rupee Spot
EURIQD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Iraq Dinar Spot
EURISK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Iceland Kronur Spot
EURJMD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Jamaica Dollar Spot
EURJOD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Jordan Dinar Spot
EURJPY.COMP European Common Market Euro/Japan Yen Spot
EURJPYSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Japan Yen Spot
EURKES.COMP European Common Market Euro/Kenya Shilling Spot
EURKHR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Cambodia Riel Spot
EURKRW.COMP European Common Market Euro/Republic of Korea Won Spot
EURKWD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Kuwait Dinar Spot
EURKYD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Cayman Islands Dollars Spot
EURKZT.COMP European Common Market Euro/Kazakhstan Tenge Spot
EURLAK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Lao People's Dem. Republic Kip Spot
EURLBP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Lebanon Pound Spot
EURLKR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Sri Lanka Rupee Spot
EURLRD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Liberia Dollar Spot
EURLSL.COMP European Common Market Euro/Lesotho Maloti Spot
EURLVL.COMP European Common Market Euro/Latvia Lat Spot
EURLYD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Dinar Spot
EURMAD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Morocco Dirham Spot
EURMDL.COMP European Common Market Euro/Moldovia Leu Spot
EURMGA.COMP European Common Market Euro/Malgasy Ariary Spot
EURMKD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Macedonia Dinar Spot
EURMMK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Myanmar Kyat Spot
EURMOP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Macao Pataca Spot
EURMRO.COMP European Common Market Euro/Mauritania Ouguiya Spot
EURMRU.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURMUR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Muaritius Rupee Spot
EURMVR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Maldives Rufiyaa Spot
EURMWK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Malawi Kwacha Spot
EURMXN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Mexico New Peso Spot
EURMYR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
EURMZN.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURNAD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Namibia Namibian Dollar Spot
EURNGN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Nigeria Naira Spot
EURNIO.COMP European Common Market Euro/Nicaragua Cordoba Oro Spot
EURNOK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Norway Krone Spot
EURNOKSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Norway Krone Spot
EURNPR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Nepal Rupee Spot
EURNZD.COMP European Common Market Euro/New Zealand Dollar Spot
EUROMR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Oman Rial Omani Spot
EURPAB.COMP European Common Market Euro/Panama Balboa Spot
EURPEN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Peru Inti Spot
EURPGK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Papua New Guinea Kina Spot
EURPHP.COMP European Common Market Euro/Philippines Peso Spot
EURPKR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Pakistan Rupee Spot
EURPLN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Poland New Zloty Spot
EURPLNSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Poland New Zloty Spot
EURPYG.COMP European Common Market Euro/Paraguay Guarani Spot
EURQAR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Qatar Riyal Spot
EURRON.COMP European Common Market Euro/Romania New Leu Spot
EURRSD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Serbia Dinar Spot
EURRUB.COMP European Common Market Euro/Russia Ruble Spot
EURRWF.COMP European Common Market Euro/Rwanda Rwanda Franc Spot
EURSAR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Saudi Arabia Riyal Spot
EURSCR.COMP European Common Market Euro/Seychelles Rupee Spot
EURSDG.COMP European Common Market Euro/Sudan Pound Spot
EURSDR.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURSEK.COMP European Common Market Euro/Sweden Krona Spot
EURSEKSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/Sweden Krona Spot
EURSGD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
EURSLL.COMP European Common Market Euro/Sierra Leone Leone Spot
EURSOS.COMP European Common Market Euro/Somalia Shilling Spot
EURSRD.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURSTD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Sao Tome and Principe Dobra Spot
EURSTN.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURSVC.COMP European Common Market Euro/El Salvador Colon Spot
EURSZL.COMP European Common Market Euro/Swaziland Lilageni Spot
EURTHB.COMP European Common Market Euro/Thailand Baht Spot
EURTJS.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
EURTND.COMP European Common Market Euro/Tunisia Dinar Spot
EURTRY.COMP European Common Market Euro/Turkey Lira Spot
EURTTD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Trinidad and Tobago Dollar Spot
EURTWD.COMP European Common Market Euro/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
EURTZS.COMP European Common Market Euro/United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling Spot
EURUAH.COMP European Common Market Euro/Ukraine Hryvna Spot
EURUGX.COMP European Common Market Euro/Uganda Shilling Spot
EURUSD.COMP European Common Market Euro/USA Dollar Spot
EURUSDSN.COMP European Common Market Euro/USA Dollar Spot
EURUYU.COMP European Common Market Euro/Uruguay New Peso Spot
EURUZS.COMP European Common Market Euro/Uzbekistan Som Spot
EURVEF.COMP European Common Market Euro/Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte Spot
EURVND.COMP European Common Market Euro/Vietnam Dong Spot
EURXAF.COMP European Common Market Euro/Central African Republic Franc Spot
EURXOF.COMP European Common Market Euro/West Africa Franc Spot
EURXPF.COMP European Common Market Euro/French Polynesia Franc Spot
EURYER.COMP European Common Market Euro/Yemen Rial Spot
EURZAR.COMP European Common Market Euro/South Africa Rand Spot
EURZMW.COMP European Common Market Euro/ Spot
FJDDKK.COMP Fiji Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
FJDGBP.COMP Fiji Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
FJDTOP.COMP Fiji Dollar/Tonga Pa'anga Spot
FJDUSD.COMP Fiji Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
GBPAED.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
GBPAFN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/ Spot
GBPALL.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Albania Lek Spot
GBPANG.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Netherlands Antilean Guilder Spot
GBPARS.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Argentina New Peso Spot
GBPAUD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Australia Dollar Spot
GBPAWG.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Aruba Guilder Spot
GBPBAM.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/ Spot
GBPBBD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Barbados Dollar Spot
GBPBDT.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Bangladesh Taka Spot
GBPBGN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Bulgaria Lev Spot
GBPBHD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Bahrain Dinar Spot
GBPBIF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Burundi Franc Spot
GBPBMD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Bermuda Dollar Spot
GBPBND.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Brunei Dollar Spot
GBPBOB.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Bolivia Bolivianos Spot
GBPBRL.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Brazil Real Spot
GBPBSD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Bahama Dollar Spot
GBPBTN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Bhutan Ngultrum Spot
GBPBWP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Botswana Pula Spot
GBPBYN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/ Spot
GBPBZD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Belize Dollar Spot
GBPCAD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Canada Dollar Spot
GBPCDF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/ Spot
GBPCHF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Switzerland Franc Spot
GBPCHFSN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Switzerland Franc Spot
GBPCLP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Chile Peso Spot
GBPCNH.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/ Spot
GBPCNY.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
GBPCOP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Colombia Peso Spot
GBPCRC.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Costa Rica Colones Spot
GBPCUP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Cuba Peso Spot
GBPCVE.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Cape Verde Escudo Spot
GBPCZK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
GBPDJF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Djibouti Franc Spot
GBPDKK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Denmark Krone Spot
GBPDOP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Dominican Republic Peso Spot
GBPDZD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Algeria Dinar Spot
GBPEGP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Egypt Pound Spot
GBPETB.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Ethiopia Birr Spot
GBPEUR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/European Common Market Euro Spot
GBPFJD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Fiji Dollar Spot
GBPGHS.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Ghanaian New Cedi Spot
GBPGNF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Guinea Franc Spot
GBPGTQ.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Guatemala Quetzal Spot
GBPGYD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Guyana Dollar Spot
GBPHKD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
GBPHNL.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Honduras Lempira Spot
GBPHRK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Croatia Kuna Spot
GBPHTG.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Haiti Gourde Spot
GBPHUF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Hungary Forint Spot
GBPIDR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
GBPILS.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Israel Shekel Spot
GBPINR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/India Rupee Spot
GBPIQD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Iraq Dinar Spot
GBPISK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Iceland Kronur Spot
GBPJMD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Jamaica Dollar Spot
GBPJOD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Jordan Dinar Spot
GBPJPY.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Japan Yen Spot
GBPKES.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Kenya Shilling Spot
GBPKHR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Cambodia Riel Spot
GBPKMF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Comoros Franc Spot
GBPKRW.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Republic of Korea Won Spot
GBPKWD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Kuwait Dinar Spot
GBPKYD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Cayman Islands Dollars Spot
GBPKZT.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Kazakhstan Tenge Spot
GBPLAK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Lao People's Dem. Republic Kip Spot
GBPLBP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Lebanon Pound Spot
GBPLKR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Sri Lanka Rupee Spot
GBPLRD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Liberia Dollar Spot
GBPLSL.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Lesotho Maloti Spot
GBPLVL.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Latvia Lat Spot
GBPLYD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Dinar Spot
GBPMAD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Morocco Dirham Spot
GBPMDL.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Moldovia Leu Spot
GBPMGA.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Malgasy Ariary Spot
GBPMKD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Macedonia Dinar Spot
GBPMMK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Myanmar Kyat Spot
GBPMOP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Macao Pataca Spot
GBPMRO.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Mauritania Ouguiya Spot
GBPMUR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Muaritius Rupee Spot
GBPMVR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Maldives Rufiyaa Spot
GBPMWK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Malawi Kwacha Spot
GBPMXN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Mexico New Peso Spot
GBPMYR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
GBPNAD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Namibia Namibian Dollar Spot
GBPNGN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Nigeria Naira Spot
GBPNIO.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Nicaragua Cordoba Oro Spot
GBPNOK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Norway Krone Spot
GBPNPR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Nepal Rupee Spot
GBPNZD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/New Zealand Dollar Spot
GBPOMR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Oman Rial Omani Spot
GBPPAB.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Panama Balboa Spot
GBPPEN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Peru Inti Spot
GBPPGK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Papua New Guinea Kina Spot
GBPPHP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Philippines Peso Spot
GBPPKR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Pakistan Rupee Spot
GBPPLN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Poland New Zloty Spot
GBPPYG.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Paraguay Guarani Spot
GBPQAR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Qatar Riyal Spot
GBPRON.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Romania New Leu Spot
GBPRSD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Serbia Dinar Spot
GBPRUB.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Russia Ruble Spot
GBPRWF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Rwanda Rwanda Franc Spot
GBPSAR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Saudi Arabia Riyal Spot
GBPSCR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Seychelles Rupee Spot
GBPSDD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Sudan Dinar Spot
GBPSDG.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Sudan Pound Spot
GBPSDR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/ Spot
GBPSEK.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Sweden Krona Spot
GBPSEKSN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Sweden Krona Spot
GBPSGD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
GBPSLL.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Sierra Leone Leone Spot
GBPSOS.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Somalia Shilling Spot
GBPSRD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/ Spot
GBPSTD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Sao Tome and Principe Dobra Spot
GBPSVC.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/El Salvador Colon Spot
GBPSZL.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Swaziland Lilageni Spot
GBPTHB.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Thailand Baht Spot
GBPTND.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Tunisia Dinar Spot
GBPTOP.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Tonga Pa'anga Spot
GBPTRY.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Turkey Lira Spot
GBPTTD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Trinidad and Tobago Dollar Spot
GBPTWD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
GBPTZS.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling Spot
GBPUAH.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Ukraine Hryvna Spot
GBPUGX.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Uganda Shilling Spot
GBPUSD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/USA Dollar Spot
GBPUSDSN.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/USA Dollar Spot
GBPUYU.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Uruguay New Peso Spot
GBPUZS.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Uzbekistan Som Spot
GBPVEF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte Spot
GBPVND.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Vietnam Dong Spot
GBPXAF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Central African Republic Franc Spot
GBPXCD.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Dominica East Caribbean Dollar Spot
GBPXOF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/West Africa Franc Spot
GBPXPF.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/French Polynesia Franc Spot
GBPYER.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/Yemen Rial Spot
GBPZAR.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/South Africa Rand Spot
GBPZMW.COMP United Kingdom Pound Sterling/ Spot
GHSDKK.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/Denmark Krone Spot
GHSEUR.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/European Common Market Euro Spot
GHSGBP.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
GHSISK.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/Iceland Kronur Spot
GHSNOK.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/Norway Krone Spot
GHSSEK.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/Sweden Krona Spot
GHSUSD.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/USA Dollar Spot
GHSXOF.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/West Africa Franc Spot
GHSZAR.COMP Ghanaian New Cedi/South Africa Rand Spot
GIPDKK.COMP Gibraltar Pound/Denmark Krone Spot
GIPUSD.COMP Gibraltar Pound/USA Dollar Spot
GMDDKK.COMP Gambia Dalasi/Denmark Krone Spot
GNFGBP.COMP Guinea Franc/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
GNFUSD.COMP Guinea Franc/USA Dollar Spot
GTQGBP.COMP Guatemala Quetzal/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
GTQUSD.COMP Guatemala Quetzal/USA Dollar Spot
GYDGBP.COMP Guyana Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
GYDSRD.COMP Guyana Dollar/ Spot
GYDUSD.COMP Guyana Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
HKDARS.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Argentina New Peso Spot
HKDAUD.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Australia Dollar Spot
HKDBRL.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Brazil Real Spot
HKDCAD.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
HKDCHF.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
HKDCNY.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
HKDCZK.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
HKDDKK.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
HKDEUR.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
HKDGBP.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
HKDHUF.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Hungary Forint Spot
HKDIDR.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
HKDINR.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/India Rupee Spot
HKDISK.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Iceland Kronur Spot
HKDJPY.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
HKDKRW.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Republic of Korea Won Spot
HKDMXN.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Mexico New Peso Spot
HKDMYR.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
HKDNOK.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Norway Krone Spot
HKDNZD.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/New Zealand Dollar Spot
HKDPKR.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
HKDPLN.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Poland New Zloty Spot
HKDSEK.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Sweden Krona Spot
HKDSGD.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
HKDTHB.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Thailand Baht Spot
HKDTRY.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Turkey Lira Spot
HKDTWD.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
HKDUSD.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
HKDZAR.COMP Hong Kong Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
HNLGBP.COMP Honduras Lempira/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
HNLUSD.COMP Honduras Lempira/USA Dollar Spot
HRKAUD.COMP Croatia Kuna/Australia Dollar Spot
HRKCAD.COMP Croatia Kuna/Canada Dollar Spot
HRKDKK.COMP Croatia Kuna/Denmark Krone Spot
HRKEUR.COMP Croatia Kuna/European Common Market Euro Spot
HRKNOK.COMP Croatia Kuna/Norway Krone Spot
HRKPLN.COMP Croatia Kuna/Poland New Zloty Spot
HRKSEK.COMP Croatia Kuna/Sweden Krona Spot
HRKUSD.COMP Croatia Kuna/USA Dollar Spot
HTGGBP.COMP Haiti Gourde/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
HTGUSD.COMP Haiti Gourde/USA Dollar Spot
HUFARS.COMP Hungary Forint/Argentina New Peso Spot
HUFCAD.COMP Hungary Forint/Canada Dollar Spot
HUFCHF.COMP Hungary Forint/Switzerland Franc Spot
HUFDKK.COMP Hungary Forint/Denmark Krone Spot
HUFEUR.COMP Hungary Forint/European Common Market Euro Spot
HUFISK.COMP Hungary Forint/Iceland Kronur Spot
HUFJPY.COMP Hungary Forint/Japan Yen Spot
HUFNOK.COMP Hungary Forint/Norway Krone Spot
HUFPLN.COMP Hungary Forint/Poland New Zloty Spot
HUFUSD.COMP Hungary Forint/USA Dollar Spot
HUFZAR.COMP Hungary Forint/South Africa Rand Spot
IDRAUD.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Australia Dollar Spot
IDRCAD.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Canada Dollar Spot
IDRCHF.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Switzerland Franc Spot
IDRCNY.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
IDRDKK.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Denmark Krone Spot
IDREUR.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/European Common Market Euro Spot
IDRGBP.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
IDRHKD.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
IDRINR.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/India Rupee Spot
IDRISK.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Iceland Kronur Spot
IDRJPY.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Japan Yen Spot
IDRKRW.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Republic of Korea Won Spot
IDRMYR.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
IDRNOK.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Norway Krone Spot
IDRNZD.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/New Zealand Dollar Spot
IDRSEK.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Sweden Krona Spot
IDRSGD.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
IDRTHB.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Thailand Baht Spot
IDRTWD.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
IDRUSD.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/USA Dollar Spot
IDRZAR.COMP Indonesia Rupiah/South Africa Rand Spot
ILSAED.COMP Israel Shekel/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
ILSAUD.COMP Israel Shekel/Australia Dollar Spot
ILSCAD.COMP Israel Shekel/Canada Dollar Spot
ILSCHF.COMP Israel Shekel/Switzerland Franc Spot
ILSDKK.COMP Israel Shekel/Denmark Krone Spot
ILSEUR.COMP Israel Shekel/European Common Market Euro Spot
ILSISK.COMP Israel Shekel/Iceland Kronur Spot
ILSJOD.COMP Israel Shekel/Jordan Dinar Spot
ILSJPY.COMP Israel Shekel/Japan Yen Spot
ILSNOK.COMP Israel Shekel/Norway Krone Spot
ILSPLN.COMP Israel Shekel/Poland New Zloty Spot
ILSSEK.COMP Israel Shekel/Sweden Krona Spot
ILSUSD.COMP Israel Shekel/USA Dollar Spot
ILSZAR.COMP Israel Shekel/South Africa Rand Spot
INRAUD.COMP India Rupee/Australia Dollar Spot
INRCAD.COMP India Rupee/Canada Dollar Spot
INRCHF.COMP India Rupee/Switzerland Franc Spot
INRCNY.COMP India Rupee/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
INRDKK.COMP India Rupee/Denmark Krone Spot
INREUR.COMP India Rupee/European Common Market Euro Spot
INRGBP.COMP India Rupee/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
INRHKD.COMP India Rupee/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
INRISK.COMP India Rupee/Iceland Kronur Spot
INRJPY.COMP India Rupee/Japan Yen Spot
INRKRW.COMP India Rupee/Republic of Korea Won Spot
INRMYR.COMP India Rupee/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
INRNOK.COMP India Rupee/Norway Krone Spot
INRNZD.COMP India Rupee/New Zealand Dollar Spot
INRPKR.COMP India Rupee/Pakistan Rupee Spot
INRSEK.COMP India Rupee/Sweden Krona Spot
INRSGD.COMP India Rupee/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
INRTHB.COMP India Rupee/Thailand Baht Spot
INRTWD.COMP India Rupee/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
INRUSD.COMP India Rupee/USA Dollar Spot
INRZAR.COMP India Rupee/South Africa Rand Spot
IQDGBP.COMP Iraq Dinar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
IQDUSD.COMP Iraq Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
IRRDKK.COMP Iran Rial/Denmark Krone Spot
IRRUSD.COMP Iran Rial/USA Dollar Spot
ISKCAD.COMP Iceland Kronur/Canada Dollar Spot
ISKCHF.COMP Iceland Kronur/Switzerland Franc Spot
ISKDKK.COMP Iceland Kronur/Denmark Krone Spot
ISKEUR.COMP Iceland Kronur/European Common Market Euro Spot
ISKGBP.COMP Iceland Kronur/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
ISKJPY.COMP Iceland Kronur/Japan Yen Spot
ISKNOK.COMP Iceland Kronur/Norway Krone Spot
ISKSEK.COMP Iceland Kronur/Sweden Krona Spot
ISKUSD.COMP Iceland Kronur/USA Dollar Spot
ISKXDR.COMP Iceland Kronur/ Spot
JMDDKK.COMP Jamaica Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
JMDEUR.COMP Jamaica Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
JMDGBP.COMP Jamaica Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
JMDUSD.COMP Jamaica Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
JODAED.COMP Jordan Dinar/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
JODDKK.COMP Jordan Dinar/Denmark Krone Spot
JODILS.COMP Jordan Dinar/Israel Shekel Spot
JODNOK.COMP Jordan Dinar/Norway Krone Spot
JODSEK.COMP Jordan Dinar/Sweden Krona Spot
JODUSD.COMP Jordan Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
JPYAED.COMP Japan Yen/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
JPYARS.COMP Japan Yen/Argentina New Peso Spot
JPYAUD.COMP Japan Yen/Australia Dollar Spot
JPYBRL.COMP Japan Yen/Brazil Real Spot
JPYBWP.COMP Japan Yen/Botswana Pula Spot
JPYCAD.COMP Japan Yen/Canada Dollar Spot
JPYCHF.COMP Japan Yen/Switzerland Franc Spot
JPYCLP.COMP Japan Yen/Chile Peso Spot
JPYCNY.COMP Japan Yen/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
JPYCZK.COMP Japan Yen/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
JPYDKK.COMP Japan Yen/Denmark Krone Spot
JPYEUR.COMP Japan Yen/European Common Market Euro Spot
JPYEURSN.COMP Japan Yen/European Common Market Euro Spot
JPYGBP.COMP Japan Yen/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
JPYHKD.COMP Japan Yen/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
JPYIDR.COMP Japan Yen/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
JPYILS.COMP Japan Yen/Israel Shekel Spot
JPYINR.COMP Japan Yen/India Rupee Spot
JPYISK.COMP Japan Yen/Iceland Kronur Spot
JPYKRW.COMP Japan Yen/Republic of Korea Won Spot
JPYLVL.COMP Japan Yen/Latvia Lat Spot
JPYMXN.COMP Japan Yen/Mexico New Peso Spot
JPYMYR.COMP Japan Yen/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
JPYNOK.COMP Japan Yen/Norway Krone Spot
JPYNZD.COMP Japan Yen/New Zealand Dollar Spot
JPYNZDSN.COMP Japan Yen/New Zealand Dollar Spot
JPYPKR.COMP Japan Yen/Pakistan Rupee Spot
JPYPLN.COMP Japan Yen/Poland New Zloty Spot
JPYRSD.COMP Japan Yen/Serbia Dinar Spot
JPYRUB.COMP Japan Yen/Russia Ruble Spot
JPYSAR.COMP Japan Yen/Saudi Arabia Riyal Spot
JPYSDR.COMP Japan Yen/ Spot
JPYSEK.COMP Japan Yen/Sweden Krona Spot
JPYSGD.COMP Japan Yen/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
JPYTHB.COMP Japan Yen/Thailand Baht Spot
JPYTWD.COMP Japan Yen/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
JPYUSD.COMP Japan Yen/USA Dollar Spot
JPYZAR.COMP Japan Yen/South Africa Rand Spot
KESCHF.COMP Kenya Shilling/Switzerland Franc Spot
KESDKK.COMP Kenya Shilling/Denmark Krone Spot
KESEUR.COMP Kenya Shilling/European Common Market Euro Spot
KESISK.COMP Kenya Shilling/Iceland Kronur Spot
KESNOK.COMP Kenya Shilling/Norway Krone Spot
KESSEK.COMP Kenya Shilling/Sweden Krona Spot
KESUSD.COMP Kenya Shilling/USA Dollar Spot
KESZAR.COMP Kenya Shilling/South Africa Rand Spot
KHRGBP.COMP Cambodia Riel/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
KHRUSD.COMP Cambodia Riel/USA Dollar Spot
KMFGBP.COMP Comoros Franc/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
KMFUSD.COMP Comoros Franc/USA Dollar Spot
KRWAUD.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Australia Dollar Spot
KRWBRL.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Brazil Real Spot
KRWCAD.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Canada Dollar Spot
KRWCHF.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Switzerland Franc Spot
KRWCNY.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
KRWDKK.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Denmark Krone Spot
KRWEUR.COMP Republic of Korea Won/European Common Market Euro Spot
KRWGBP.COMP Republic of Korea Won/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
KRWHKD.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
KRWIDR.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
KRWINR.COMP Republic of Korea Won/India Rupee Spot
KRWISK.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Iceland Kronur Spot
KRWJPY.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Japan Yen Spot
KRWMYR.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
KRWNOK.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Norway Krone Spot
KRWNZD.COMP Republic of Korea Won/New Zealand Dollar Spot
KRWRUB.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Russia Ruble Spot
KRWSEK.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Sweden Krona Spot
KRWSGD.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
KRWTHB.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Thailand Baht Spot
KRWTWD.COMP Republic of Korea Won/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
KRWUSD.COMP Republic of Korea Won/USA Dollar Spot
KRWZAR.COMP Republic of Korea Won/South Africa Rand Spot
KWDAED.COMP Kuwait Dinar/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
KWDDKK.COMP Kuwait Dinar/Denmark Krone Spot
KWDEUR.COMP Kuwait Dinar/European Common Market Euro Spot
KWDGBP.COMP Kuwait Dinar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
KWDISK.COMP Kuwait Dinar/Iceland Kronur Spot
KWDNOK.COMP Kuwait Dinar/Norway Krone Spot
KWDPKR.COMP Kuwait Dinar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
KWDSEK.COMP Kuwait Dinar/Sweden Krona Spot
KWDUSD.COMP Kuwait Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
KYDBMD.COMP Cayman Islands Dollars/Bermuda Dollar Spot
KYDCAD.COMP Cayman Islands Dollars/Canada Dollar Spot
KYDEUR.COMP Cayman Islands Dollars/European Common Market Euro Spot
KYDGBP.COMP Cayman Islands Dollars/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
KYDUSD.COMP Cayman Islands Dollars/USA Dollar Spot
KZTDKK.COMP Kazakhstan Tenge/Denmark Krone Spot
KZTGBP.COMP Kazakhstan Tenge/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
KZTUSD.COMP Kazakhstan Tenge/USA Dollar Spot
LAKGBP.COMP Lao People's Dem. Republic Kip/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
LAKUSD.COMP Lao People's Dem. Republic Kip/USA Dollar Spot
LBPDKK.COMP Lebanon Pound/Denmark Krone Spot
LBPUSD.COMP Lebanon Pound/USA Dollar Spot
LKRDKK.COMP Sri Lanka Rupee/Denmark Krone Spot
LKRGBP.COMP Sri Lanka Rupee/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
LKRISK.COMP Sri Lanka Rupee/Iceland Kronur Spot
LKRNOK.COMP Sri Lanka Rupee/Norway Krone Spot
LKRSEK.COMP Sri Lanka Rupee/Sweden Krona Spot
LKRUSD.COMP Sri Lanka Rupee/USA Dollar Spot
LKRZAR.COMP Sri Lanka Rupee/South Africa Rand Spot
LRDGBP.COMP Liberia Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
LRDUSD.COMP Liberia Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
LSLGBP.COMP Lesotho Maloti/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
LSLUSD.COMP Lesotho Maloti/USA Dollar Spot
LTLAUD.COMP Lithuania Litas/Australia Dollar Spot
LTLLVL.COMP Lithuania Litas/Latvia Lat Spot
LTLPLN.COMP Lithuania Litas/Poland New Zloty Spot
LYDGBP.COMP Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Dinar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
LYDUSD.COMP Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
MADAUD.COMP Morocco Dirham/Australia Dollar Spot
MADDKK.COMP Morocco Dirham/Denmark Krone Spot
MADGBP.COMP Morocco Dirham/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MADISK.COMP Morocco Dirham/Iceland Kronur Spot
MADNOK.COMP Morocco Dirham/Norway Krone Spot
MADSEK.COMP Morocco Dirham/Sweden Krona Spot
MADUSD.COMP Morocco Dirham/USA Dollar Spot
MADZAR.COMP Morocco Dirham/South Africa Rand Spot
MDLEUR.COMP Moldovia Leu/European Common Market Euro Spot
MDLGBP.COMP Moldovia Leu/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MDLUSD.COMP Moldovia Leu/USA Dollar Spot
MGAGBP.COMP Malgasy Ariary/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MGAUSD.COMP Malgasy Ariary/USA Dollar Spot
MGAZAR.COMP Malgasy Ariary/South Africa Rand Spot
MKDDKK.COMP Macedonia Dinar/Denmark Krone Spot
MKDGBP.COMP Macedonia Dinar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MKDUSD.COMP Macedonia Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
MMKGBP.COMP Myanmar Kyat/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MMKUSD.COMP Myanmar Kyat/USA Dollar Spot
MOPUSD.COMP Macao Pataca/USA Dollar Spot
MROUSD.COMP Mauritania Ouguiya/USA Dollar Spot
MURDKK.COMP Muaritius Rupee/Denmark Krone Spot
MUREUR.COMP Muaritius Rupee/European Common Market Euro Spot
MURGBP.COMP Muaritius Rupee/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MURISK.COMP Muaritius Rupee/Iceland Kronur Spot
MURNOK.COMP Muaritius Rupee/Norway Krone Spot
MURSEK.COMP Muaritius Rupee/Sweden Krona Spot
MURUSD.COMP Muaritius Rupee/USA Dollar Spot
MURZAR.COMP Muaritius Rupee/South Africa Rand Spot
MVRUSD.COMP Maldives Rufiyaa/USA Dollar Spot
MWKGBP.COMP Malawi Kwacha/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MWKUSD.COMP Malawi Kwacha/USA Dollar Spot
MWKZAR.COMP Malawi Kwacha/South Africa Rand Spot
MXNARS.COMP Mexico New Peso/Argentina New Peso Spot
MXNAUD.COMP Mexico New Peso/Australia Dollar Spot
MXNBRL.COMP Mexico New Peso/Brazil Real Spot
MXNCAD.COMP Mexico New Peso/Canada Dollar Spot
MXNCHF.COMP Mexico New Peso/Switzerland Franc Spot
MXNCLP.COMP Mexico New Peso/Chile Peso Spot
MXNCOP.COMP Mexico New Peso/Colombia Peso Spot
MXNCZK.COMP Mexico New Peso/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
MXNDKK.COMP Mexico New Peso/Denmark Krone Spot
MXNEUR.COMP Mexico New Peso/European Common Market Euro Spot
MXNGBP.COMP Mexico New Peso/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MXNHKD.COMP Mexico New Peso/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
MXNHUF.COMP Mexico New Peso/Hungary Forint Spot
MXNISK.COMP Mexico New Peso/Iceland Kronur Spot
MXNJPY.COMP Mexico New Peso/Japan Yen Spot
MXNNOK.COMP Mexico New Peso/Norway Krone Spot
MXNNZD.COMP Mexico New Peso/New Zealand Dollar Spot
MXNPEN.COMP Mexico New Peso/Peru Inti Spot
MXNPLN.COMP Mexico New Peso/Poland New Zloty Spot
MXNRUB.COMP Mexico New Peso/Russia Ruble Spot
MXNSEK.COMP Mexico New Peso/Sweden Krona Spot
MXNSGD.COMP Mexico New Peso/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
MXNTRY.COMP Mexico New Peso/Turkey Lira Spot
MXNUSD.COMP Mexico New Peso/USA Dollar Spot
MXNZAR.COMP Mexico New Peso/South Africa Rand Spot
MXVMXN.COMP /Mexico New Peso Spot
MYRAUD.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Australia Dollar Spot
MYRCAD.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Canada Dollar Spot
MYRCHF.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Switzerland Franc Spot
MYRCNH.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/ Spot
MYRCNY.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
MYRDKK.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Denmark Krone Spot
MYREUR.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/European Common Market Euro Spot
MYRGBP.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
MYRHKD.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
MYRIDR.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
MYRINR.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/India Rupee Spot
MYRJPY.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Japan Yen Spot
MYRKRW.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Republic of Korea Won Spot
MYRNOK.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Norway Krone Spot
MYRNZD.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/New Zealand Dollar Spot
MYRPKR.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Pakistan Rupee Spot
MYRSEK.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Sweden Krona Spot
MYRTHB.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Thailand Baht Spot
MYRTWD.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
MYRUSD.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/USA Dollar Spot
MYRZAR.COMP Malaysia Ringgit/South Africa Rand Spot
MZNZAR.COMP /South Africa Rand Spot
NADDKK.COMP Namibia Namibian Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
NADUSD.COMP Namibia Namibian Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
NADXOF.COMP Namibia Namibian Dollar/West Africa Franc Spot
NADZAR.COMP Namibia Namibian Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
NGNDKK.COMP Nigeria Naira/Denmark Krone Spot
NGNGBP.COMP Nigeria Naira/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
NGNJPY.COMP Nigeria Naira/Japan Yen Spot
NGNUSD.COMP Nigeria Naira/USA Dollar Spot
NGNZAR.COMP Nigeria Naira/South Africa Rand Spot
NIOGBP.COMP Nicaragua Cordoba Oro/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
NIOUSD.COMP Nicaragua Cordoba Oro/USA Dollar Spot
NOKAED.COMP Norway Krone/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
NOKAUD.COMP Norway Krone/Australia Dollar Spot
NOKAUDSN.COMP Norway Krone/Australia Dollar Spot
NOKCAD.COMP Norway Krone/Canada Dollar Spot
NOKCHF.COMP Norway Krone/Switzerland Franc Spot
NOKCNH.COMP Norway Krone/ Spot
NOKCZK.COMP Norway Krone/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
NOKDKK.COMP Norway Krone/Denmark Krone Spot
NOKEUR.COMP Norway Krone/European Common Market Euro Spot
NOKEURSN.COMP Norway Krone/European Common Market Euro Spot
NOKGBP.COMP Norway Krone/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
NOKHKD.COMP Norway Krone/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
NOKHUF.COMP Norway Krone/Hungary Forint Spot
NOKILS.COMP Norway Krone/Israel Shekel Spot
NOKINR.COMP Norway Krone/India Rupee Spot
NOKISK.COMP Norway Krone/Iceland Kronur Spot
NOKJPY.COMP Norway Krone/Japan Yen Spot
NOKLVL.COMP Norway Krone/Latvia Lat Spot
NOKMXN.COMP Norway Krone/Mexico New Peso Spot
NOKNZD.COMP Norway Krone/New Zealand Dollar Spot
NOKPLN.COMP Norway Krone/Poland New Zloty Spot
NOKRUB.COMP Norway Krone/Russia Ruble Spot
NOKSEK.COMP Norway Krone/Sweden Krona Spot
NOKSGD.COMP Norway Krone/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
NOKTRY.COMP Norway Krone/Turkey Lira Spot
NOKUSD.COMP Norway Krone/USA Dollar Spot
NOKZAR.COMP Norway Krone/South Africa Rand Spot
NPRGBP.COMP Nepal Rupee/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
NPRUSD.COMP Nepal Rupee/USA Dollar Spot
NZDAED.COMP New Zealand Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
NZDAUD.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Australia Dollar Spot
NZDCAD.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
NZDCHF.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
NZDCNH.COMP New Zealand Dollar/ Spot
NZDCNY.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
NZDCZK.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
NZDDKK.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
NZDEUR.COMP New Zealand Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
NZDGBP.COMP New Zealand Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
NZDHKD.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
NZDHUF.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Hungary Forint Spot
NZDIDR.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
NZDINR.COMP New Zealand Dollar/India Rupee Spot
NZDISK.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Iceland Kronur Spot
NZDJPY.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
NZDKRW.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Republic of Korea Won Spot
NZDMXN.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Mexico New Peso Spot
NZDMYR.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
NZDNOK.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Norway Krone Spot
NZDPHP.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Philippines Peso Spot
NZDPKR.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
NZDPLN.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Poland New Zloty Spot
NZDSDR.COMP New Zealand Dollar/ Spot
NZDSEK.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Sweden Krona Spot
NZDSGD.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
NZDTHB.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Thailand Baht Spot
NZDTOP.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Tonga Pa'anga Spot
NZDTRY.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Turkey Lira Spot
NZDTWD.COMP New Zealand Dollar/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
NZDUSD.COMP New Zealand Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
NZDUSDSN.COMP New Zealand Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
NZDZAR.COMP New Zealand Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
OMRAED.COMP Oman Rial Omani/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
OMRDKK.COMP Oman Rial Omani/Denmark Krone Spot
OMRGBP.COMP Oman Rial Omani/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
OMRISK.COMP Oman Rial Omani/Iceland Kronur Spot
OMRNOK.COMP Oman Rial Omani/Norway Krone Spot
OMRPKR.COMP Oman Rial Omani/Pakistan Rupee Spot
OMRSEK.COMP Oman Rial Omani/Sweden Krona Spot
OMRUSD.COMP Oman Rial Omani/USA Dollar Spot
OMRZAR.COMP Oman Rial Omani/South Africa Rand Spot
PABDKK.COMP Panama Balboa/Denmark Krone Spot
PABUSD.COMP Panama Balboa/USA Dollar Spot
PENARS.COMP Peru Inti/Argentina New Peso Spot
PENBRL.COMP Peru Inti/Brazil Real Spot
PENCAD.COMP Peru Inti/Canada Dollar Spot
PENCLP.COMP Peru Inti/Chile Peso Spot
PENCOP.COMP Peru Inti/Colombia Peso Spot
PENDKK.COMP Peru Inti/Denmark Krone Spot
PENEUR.COMP Peru Inti/European Common Market Euro Spot
PENGBP.COMP Peru Inti/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
PENMXN.COMP Peru Inti/Mexico New Peso Spot
PENUSD.COMP Peru Inti/USA Dollar Spot
PGKAUD.COMP Papua New Guinea Kina/Australia Dollar Spot
PGKDKK.COMP Papua New Guinea Kina/Denmark Krone Spot
PGKGBP.COMP Papua New Guinea Kina/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
PGKUSD.COMP Papua New Guinea Kina/USA Dollar Spot
PHPAUD.COMP Philippines Peso/Australia Dollar Spot
PHPDKK.COMP Philippines Peso/Denmark Krone Spot
PHPGBP.COMP Philippines Peso/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
PHPISK.COMP Philippines Peso/Iceland Kronur Spot
PHPJPY.COMP Philippines Peso/Japan Yen Spot
PHPNOK.COMP Philippines Peso/Norway Krone Spot
PHPNZD.COMP Philippines Peso/New Zealand Dollar Spot
PHPSEK.COMP Philippines Peso/Sweden Krona Spot
PHPUSD.COMP Philippines Peso/USA Dollar Spot
PHPZAR.COMP Philippines Peso/South Africa Rand Spot
PKRDKK.COMP Pakistan Rupee/Denmark Krone Spot
PKREUR.COMP Pakistan Rupee/European Common Market Euro Spot
PKRGBP.COMP Pakistan Rupee/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
PKRJPY.COMP Pakistan Rupee/Japan Yen Spot
PKRNOK.COMP Pakistan Rupee/Norway Krone Spot
PKRUSD.COMP Pakistan Rupee/USA Dollar Spot
PKRZAR.COMP Pakistan Rupee/South Africa Rand Spot
PLNAUD.COMP Poland New Zloty/Australia Dollar Spot
PLNCAD.COMP Poland New Zloty/Canada Dollar Spot
PLNCHF.COMP Poland New Zloty/Switzerland Franc Spot
PLNCOP.COMP Poland New Zloty/Colombia Peso Spot
PLNCZK.COMP Poland New Zloty/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
PLNDKK.COMP Poland New Zloty/Denmark Krone Spot
PLNEUR.COMP Poland New Zloty/European Common Market Euro Spot
PLNGBP.COMP Poland New Zloty/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
PLNHKD.COMP Poland New Zloty/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
PLNHUF.COMP Poland New Zloty/Hungary Forint Spot
PLNILS.COMP Poland New Zloty/Israel Shekel Spot
PLNISK.COMP Poland New Zloty/Iceland Kronur Spot
PLNJPY.COMP Poland New Zloty/Japan Yen Spot
PLNMXN.COMP Poland New Zloty/Mexico New Peso Spot
PLNNOK.COMP Poland New Zloty/Norway Krone Spot
PLNNZD.COMP Poland New Zloty/New Zealand Dollar Spot
PLNRUB.COMP Poland New Zloty/Russia Ruble Spot
PLNSEK.COMP Poland New Zloty/Sweden Krona Spot
PLNSGD.COMP Poland New Zloty/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
PLNTRY.COMP Poland New Zloty/Turkey Lira Spot
PLNUSD.COMP Poland New Zloty/USA Dollar Spot
PLNZAR.COMP Poland New Zloty/South Africa Rand Spot
PYGUSD.COMP Paraguay Guarani/USA Dollar Spot
PYGZAR.COMP Paraguay Guarani/South Africa Rand Spot
QARAED.COMP Qatar Riyal/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
QARDKK.COMP Qatar Riyal/Denmark Krone Spot
QARGBP.COMP Qatar Riyal/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
QARISK.COMP Qatar Riyal/Iceland Kronur Spot
QARNOK.COMP Qatar Riyal/Norway Krone Spot
QARPKR.COMP Qatar Riyal/Pakistan Rupee Spot
QARSEK.COMP Qatar Riyal/Sweden Krona Spot
QARUSD.COMP Qatar Riyal/USA Dollar Spot
QARZAR.COMP Qatar Riyal/South Africa Rand Spot
RONCHF.COMP Romania New Leu/Switzerland Franc Spot
RONDKK.COMP Romania New Leu/Denmark Krone Spot
RONGBP.COMP Romania New Leu/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
RONNOK.COMP Romania New Leu/Norway Krone Spot
RONPLN.COMP Romania New Leu/Poland New Zloty Spot
RONUSD.COMP Romania New Leu/USA Dollar Spot
RONZAR.COMP Romania New Leu/South Africa Rand Spot
RSDDKK.COMP Serbia Dinar/Denmark Krone Spot
RSDEUR.COMP Serbia Dinar/European Common Market Euro Spot
RSDGBP.COMP Serbia Dinar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
RSDUSD.COMP Serbia Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
RUBAUD.COMP Russia Ruble/Australia Dollar Spot
RUBCAD.COMP Russia Ruble/Canada Dollar Spot
RUBCHF.COMP Russia Ruble/Switzerland Franc Spot
RUBDKK.COMP Russia Ruble/Denmark Krone Spot
RUBEUR.COMP Russia Ruble/European Common Market Euro Spot
RUBGBP.COMP Russia Ruble/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
RUBISK.COMP Russia Ruble/Iceland Kronur Spot
RUBJPY.COMP Russia Ruble/Japan Yen Spot
RUBKRW.COMP Russia Ruble/Republic of Korea Won Spot
RUBLVL.COMP Russia Ruble/Latvia Lat Spot
RUBMXN.COMP Russia Ruble/Mexico New Peso Spot
RUBPLN.COMP Russia Ruble/Poland New Zloty Spot
RUBSEK.COMP Russia Ruble/Sweden Krona Spot
RUBUSD.COMP Russia Ruble/USA Dollar Spot
RUBZAR.COMP Russia Ruble/South Africa Rand Spot
RWFGBP.COMP Rwanda Rwanda Franc/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
RWFUSD.COMP Rwanda Rwanda Franc/USA Dollar Spot
RWFZAR.COMP Rwanda Rwanda Franc/South Africa Rand Spot
SARDKK.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/Denmark Krone Spot
SAREUR.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/European Common Market Euro Spot
SARISK.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/Iceland Kronur Spot
SARJPY.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/Japan Yen Spot
SARKWD.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/Kuwait Dinar Spot
SARNOK.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/Norway Krone Spot
SARPKR.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/Pakistan Rupee Spot
SARSEK.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/Sweden Krona Spot
SARUSD.COMP Saudi Arabia Riyal/USA Dollar Spot
SBDUSD.COMP Solomon Islands Solomon Island Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
SCRDKK.COMP Seychelles Rupee/Denmark Krone Spot
SCRGBP.COMP Seychelles Rupee/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SCRUSD.COMP Seychelles Rupee/USA Dollar Spot
SDDGBP.COMP Sudan Dinar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SDDUSD.COMP Sudan Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
SDGGBP.COMP Sudan Pound/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SDGUSD.COMP Sudan Pound/USA Dollar Spot
SDRAUD.COMP /Australia Dollar Spot
SDRCAD.COMP /Canada Dollar Spot
SDRCHF.COMP /Switzerland Franc Spot
SDRCNY.COMP /Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
SDRDKK.COMP /Denmark Krone Spot
SDREUR.COMP /European Common Market Euro Spot
SDRGBP.COMP /United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SDRJPY.COMP /Japan Yen Spot
SDRNZD.COMP /New Zealand Dollar Spot
SDRZAR.COMP /South Africa Rand Spot
SEKAUD.COMP Sweden Krona/Australia Dollar Spot
SEKCAD.COMP Sweden Krona/Canada Dollar Spot
SEKCHF.COMP Sweden Krona/Switzerland Franc Spot
SEKCNH.COMP Sweden Krona/ Spot
SEKCZK.COMP Sweden Krona/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
SEKDKK.COMP Sweden Krona/Denmark Krone Spot
SEKEUR.COMP Sweden Krona/European Common Market Euro Spot
SEKGBP.COMP Sweden Krona/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SEKHKD.COMP Sweden Krona/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
SEKHUF.COMP Sweden Krona/Hungary Forint Spot
SEKILS.COMP Sweden Krona/Israel Shekel Spot
SEKINR.COMP Sweden Krona/India Rupee Spot
SEKISK.COMP Sweden Krona/Iceland Kronur Spot
SEKJOD.COMP Sweden Krona/Jordan Dinar Spot
SEKJPY.COMP Sweden Krona/Japan Yen Spot
SEKLVL.COMP Sweden Krona/Latvia Lat Spot
SEKMXN.COMP Sweden Krona/Mexico New Peso Spot
SEKNOK.COMP Sweden Krona/Norway Krone Spot
SEKNZD.COMP Sweden Krona/New Zealand Dollar Spot
SEKPLN.COMP Sweden Krona/Poland New Zloty Spot
SEKRUB.COMP Sweden Krona/Russia Ruble Spot
SEKSGD.COMP Sweden Krona/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
SEKTRY.COMP Sweden Krona/Turkey Lira Spot
SEKUSD.COMP Sweden Krona/USA Dollar Spot
SEKZAR.COMP Sweden Krona/South Africa Rand Spot
SGDAED.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
SGDARS.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Argentina New Peso Spot
SGDAUD.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Australia Dollar Spot
SGDBRL.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Brazil Real Spot
SGDCAD.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
SGDCHF.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
SGDCNH.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/ Spot
SGDCNY.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
SGDCZK.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
SGDDKK.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
SGDEUR.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
SGDEURSN.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
SGDGBP.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SGDHKD.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
SGDHUF.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Hungary Forint Spot
SGDIDR.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
SGDINR.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/India Rupee Spot
SGDISK.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Iceland Kronur Spot
SGDJPY.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
SGDKRW.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Republic of Korea Won Spot
SGDMXN.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Mexico New Peso Spot
SGDMYR.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
SGDNOK.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Norway Krone Spot
SGDNZD.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/New Zealand Dollar Spot
SGDPKR.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
SGDPLN.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Poland New Zloty Spot
SGDSEK.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Sweden Krona Spot
SGDTHB.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Thailand Baht Spot
SGDTRY.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Turkey Lira Spot
SGDTWD.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
SGDUSD.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
SGDZAR.COMP Singapore Singapore Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
SHPUSD.COMP St.Helena Pound/USA Dollar Spot
SLLGBP.COMP Sierra Leone Leone/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SLLUSD.COMP Sierra Leone Leone/USA Dollar Spot
SOSGBP.COMP Somalia Shilling/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SOSUSD.COMP Somalia Shilling/USA Dollar Spot
STDGBP.COMP Sao Tome and Principe Dobra/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
STDUSD.COMP Sao Tome and Principe Dobra/USA Dollar Spot
SVCGBP.COMP El Salvador Colon/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SVCUSD.COMP El Salvador Colon/USA Dollar Spot
SYPDKK.COMP Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Pound/Denmark Krone Spot
SZLCHF.COMP Swaziland Lilageni/Switzerland Franc Spot
SZLEUR.COMP Swaziland Lilageni/European Common Market Euro Spot
SZLGBP.COMP Swaziland Lilageni/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
SZLUSD.COMP Swaziland Lilageni/USA Dollar Spot
SZLZAR.COMP Swaziland Lilageni/South Africa Rand Spot
THBAUD.COMP Thailand Baht/Australia Dollar Spot
THBCAD.COMP Thailand Baht/Canada Dollar Spot
THBCHF.COMP Thailand Baht/Switzerland Franc Spot
THBCNY.COMP Thailand Baht/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
THBDKK.COMP Thailand Baht/Denmark Krone Spot
THBEUR.COMP Thailand Baht/European Common Market Euro Spot
THBGBP.COMP Thailand Baht/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
THBHKD.COMP Thailand Baht/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
THBIDR.COMP Thailand Baht/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
THBINR.COMP Thailand Baht/India Rupee Spot
THBISK.COMP Thailand Baht/Iceland Kronur Spot
THBJPY.COMP Thailand Baht/Japan Yen Spot
THBKRW.COMP Thailand Baht/Republic of Korea Won Spot
THBMYR.COMP Thailand Baht/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
THBNOK.COMP Thailand Baht/Norway Krone Spot
THBNZD.COMP Thailand Baht/New Zealand Dollar Spot
THBPKR.COMP Thailand Baht/Pakistan Rupee Spot
THBSGD.COMP Thailand Baht/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
THBTWD.COMP Thailand Baht/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
THBUSD.COMP Thailand Baht/USA Dollar Spot
THBZAR.COMP Thailand Baht/South Africa Rand Spot
TNDCHF.COMP Tunisia Dinar/Switzerland Franc Spot
TNDDKK.COMP Tunisia Dinar/Denmark Krone Spot
TNDGBP.COMP Tunisia Dinar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
TNDISK.COMP Tunisia Dinar/Iceland Kronur Spot
TNDNOK.COMP Tunisia Dinar/Norway Krone Spot
TNDSEK.COMP Tunisia Dinar/Sweden Krona Spot
TNDUSD.COMP Tunisia Dinar/USA Dollar Spot
TNDZAR.COMP Tunisia Dinar/South Africa Rand Spot
TOPAUD.COMP Tonga Pa'anga/Australia Dollar Spot
TOPFJD.COMP Tonga Pa'anga/Fiji Dollar Spot
TOPGBP.COMP Tonga Pa'anga/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
TOPNZD.COMP Tonga Pa'anga/New Zealand Dollar Spot
TOPUSD.COMP Tonga Pa'anga/USA Dollar Spot
TRYAUD.COMP Turkey Lira/Australia Dollar Spot
TRYCAD.COMP Turkey Lira/Canada Dollar Spot
TRYCHF.COMP Turkey Lira/Switzerland Franc Spot
TRYCZK.COMP Turkey Lira/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
TRYDKK.COMP Turkey Lira/Denmark Krone Spot
TRYEUR.COMP Turkey Lira/European Common Market Euro Spot
TRYGBP.COMP Turkey Lira/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
TRYHKD.COMP Turkey Lira/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
TRYHUF.COMP Turkey Lira/Hungary Forint Spot
TRYISK.COMP Turkey Lira/Iceland Kronur Spot
TRYJPY.COMP Turkey Lira/Japan Yen Spot
TRYMXN.COMP Turkey Lira/Mexico New Peso Spot
TRYNOK.COMP Turkey Lira/Norway Krone Spot
TRYNZD.COMP Turkey Lira/New Zealand Dollar Spot
TRYPLN.COMP Turkey Lira/Poland New Zloty Spot
TRYSEK.COMP Turkey Lira/Sweden Krona Spot
TRYSGD.COMP Turkey Lira/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
TRYUSD.COMP Turkey Lira/USA Dollar Spot
TRYZAR.COMP Turkey Lira/South Africa Rand Spot
TTDDKK.COMP Trinidad and Tobago Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
TTDGBP.COMP Trinidad and Tobago Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
TTDSRD.COMP Trinidad and Tobago Dollar/ Spot
TTDUSD.COMP Trinidad and Tobago Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
TWDAUD.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Australia Dollar Spot
TWDCAD.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
TWDCHF.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
TWDCNY.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
TWDDKK.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
TWDEUR.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
TWDGBP.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
TWDHKD.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
TWDIDR.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
TWDINR.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/India Rupee Spot
TWDISK.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Iceland Kronur Spot
TWDJPY.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
TWDKRW.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Republic of Korea Won Spot
TWDMYR.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
TWDNOK.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Norway Krone Spot
TWDNZD.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/New Zealand Dollar Spot
TWDPKR.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
TWDSEK.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Sweden Krona Spot
TWDSGD.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
TWDTHB.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/Thailand Baht Spot
TWDUSD.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/USA Dollar Spot
TWDZAR.COMP Taiwan New Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
TZSGBP.COMP United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
TZSUSD.COMP United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling/USA Dollar Spot
TZSZAR.COMP United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling/South Africa Rand Spot
UAHDKK.COMP Ukraine Hryvna/Denmark Krone Spot
UAHEUR.COMP Ukraine Hryvna/European Common Market Euro Spot
UAHPLN.COMP Ukraine Hryvna/Poland New Zloty Spot
UAHUSD.COMP Ukraine Hryvna/USA Dollar Spot
UDDMYRSN.COMP /Malaysia Ringgit Spot
UGXDKK.COMP Uganda Shilling/Denmark Krone Spot
UGXGBP.COMP Uganda Shilling/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
UGXISK.COMP Uganda Shilling/Iceland Kronur Spot
UGXNOK.COMP Uganda Shilling/Norway Krone Spot
UGXUSD.COMP Uganda Shilling/USA Dollar Spot
UGXZAR.COMP Uganda Shilling/South Africa Rand Spot
USDAED.COMP USA Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
USDAEDSN.COMP USA Dollar/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
USDALL.COMP USA Dollar/Albania Lek Spot
USDAMD.COMP USA Dollar/Armenia Dram Spot
USDANG.COMP USA Dollar/Netherlands Antilean Guilder Spot
USDARS.COMP USA Dollar/Argentina New Peso Spot
USDARSSN.COMP USA Dollar/Argentina New Peso Spot
USDAUD.COMP USA Dollar/Australia Dollar Spot
USDAWG.COMP USA Dollar/Aruba Guilder Spot
USDBBD.COMP USA Dollar/Barbados Dollar Spot
USDBDT.COMP USA Dollar/Bangladesh Taka Spot
USDBGN.COMP USA Dollar/Bulgaria Lev Spot
USDBHD.COMP USA Dollar/Bahrain Dinar Spot
USDBHDSN.COMP USA Dollar/Bahrain Dinar Spot
USDBIF.COMP USA Dollar/Burundi Franc Spot
USDBMD.COMP USA Dollar/Bermuda Dollar Spot
USDBND.COMP USA Dollar/Brunei Dollar Spot
USDBOB.COMP USA Dollar/Bolivia Bolivianos Spot
USDBRL.COMP USA Dollar/Brazil Real Spot
USDBRLSN.COMP USA Dollar/Brazil Real Spot
USDBSD.COMP USA Dollar/Bahama Dollar Spot
USDBWP.COMP USA Dollar/Botswana Pula Spot
USDBZD.COMP USA Dollar/Belize Dollar Spot
USDCAD.COMP USA Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
USDCADSN.COMP USA Dollar/Canada Dollar Spot
USDCHF.COMP USA Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
USDCHFSN.COMP USA Dollar/Switzerland Franc Spot
USDCLF.COMP USA Dollar/Chile Unidades De Formento Spot
USDCLP.COMP USA Dollar/Chile Peso Spot
USDCLPSN.COMP USA Dollar/Chile Peso Spot
USDCNY.COMP USA Dollar/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
USDCOP.COMP USA Dollar/Colombia Peso Spot
USDCOPSN.COMP USA Dollar/Colombia Peso Spot
USDCRC.COMP USA Dollar/Costa Rica Colones Spot
USDCUP.COMP USA Dollar/Cuba Peso Spot
USDCVE.COMP USA Dollar/Cape Verde Escudo Spot
USDCYP.COMP USA Dollar/Cyprus Pound Spot
USDCZK.COMP USA Dollar/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
USDCZKSN.COMP USA Dollar/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
USDDJF.COMP USA Dollar/Djibouti Franc Spot
USDDKK.COMP USA Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
USDDKKSN.COMP USA Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
USDDOP.COMP USA Dollar/Dominican Republic Peso Spot
USDDZD.COMP USA Dollar/Algeria Dinar Spot
USDEGP.COMP USA Dollar/Egypt Pound Spot
USDETB.COMP USA Dollar/Ethiopia Birr Spot
USDEUR.COMP USA Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
USDEURSN.COMP USA Dollar/European Common Market Euro Spot
USDFJD.COMP USA Dollar/Fiji Dollar Spot
USDGBP.COMP USA Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
USDGEL.COMP USA Dollar/Georgia Lari Spot
USDGHS.COMP USA Dollar/Ghanaian New Cedi Spot
USDGIP.COMP USA Dollar/Gibraltar Pound Spot
USDGMD.COMP USA Dollar/Gambia Dalasi Spot
USDGNF.COMP USA Dollar/Guinea Franc Spot
USDGTQ.COMP USA Dollar/Guatemala Quetzal Spot
USDGYD.COMP USA Dollar/Guyana Dollar Spot
USDHKD.COMP USA Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
USDHKDSN.COMP USA Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
USDHNL.COMP USA Dollar/Honduras Lempira Spot
USDHRK.COMP USA Dollar/Croatia Kuna Spot
USDHTG.COMP USA Dollar/Haiti Gourde Spot
USDHUF.COMP USA Dollar/Hungary Forint Spot
USDHUFSN.COMP USA Dollar/Hungary Forint Spot
USDIDR.COMP USA Dollar/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
USDIDRSN.COMP USA Dollar/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
USDILS.COMP USA Dollar/Israel Shekel Spot
USDINR.COMP USA Dollar/India Rupee Spot
USDIQD.COMP USA Dollar/Iraq Dinar Spot
USDIRR.COMP USA Dollar/Iran Rial Spot
USDISK.COMP USA Dollar/Iceland Kronur Spot
USDJMD.COMP USA Dollar/Jamaica Dollar Spot
USDJOD.COMP USA Dollar/Jordan Dinar Spot
USDJPY.COMP USA Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
USDJPYSN.COMP USA Dollar/Japan Yen Spot
USDKES.COMP USA Dollar/Kenya Shilling Spot
USDKGS.COMP USA Dollar/Kyrgyzstan Som Spot
USDKHR.COMP USA Dollar/Cambodia Riel Spot
USDKMF.COMP USA Dollar/Comoros Franc Spot
USDKRW.COMP USA Dollar/Republic of Korea Won Spot
USDKRWSN.COMP USA Dollar/Republic of Korea Won Spot
USDKWD.COMP USA Dollar/Kuwait Dinar Spot
USDKYD.COMP USA Dollar/Cayman Islands Dollars Spot
USDKZT.COMP USA Dollar/Kazakhstan Tenge Spot
USDLAK.COMP USA Dollar/Lao People's Dem. Republic Kip Spot
USDLBP.COMP USA Dollar/Lebanon Pound Spot
USDLKR.COMP USA Dollar/Sri Lanka Rupee Spot
USDLRD.COMP USA Dollar/Liberia Dollar Spot
USDLSL.COMP USA Dollar/Lesotho Maloti Spot
USDLVL.COMP USA Dollar/Latvia Lat Spot
USDLYD.COMP USA Dollar/Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Dinar Spot
USDMAD.COMP USA Dollar/Morocco Dirham Spot
USDMADSN.COMP USA Dollar/Morocco Dirham Spot
USDMDL.COMP USA Dollar/Moldovia Leu Spot
USDMGA.COMP USA Dollar/Malgasy Ariary Spot
USDMKD.COMP USA Dollar/Macedonia Dinar Spot
USDMMK.COMP USA Dollar/Myanmar Kyat Spot
USDMOP.COMP USA Dollar/Macao Pataca Spot
USDMRO.COMP USA Dollar/Mauritania Ouguiya Spot
USDMUR.COMP USA Dollar/Muaritius Rupee Spot
USDMVR.COMP USA Dollar/Maldives Rufiyaa Spot
USDMWK.COMP USA Dollar/Malawi Kwacha Spot
USDMXN.COMP USA Dollar/Mexico New Peso Spot
USDMXNSN.COMP USA Dollar/Mexico New Peso Spot
USDMYR.COMP USA Dollar/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
USDMYRSN.COMP USA Dollar/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
USDNAD.COMP USA Dollar/Namibia Namibian Dollar Spot
USDNGN.COMP USA Dollar/Nigeria Naira Spot
USDNIO.COMP USA Dollar/Nicaragua Cordoba Oro Spot
USDNOK.COMP USA Dollar/Norway Krone Spot
USDNOKSN.COMP USA Dollar/Norway Krone Spot
USDNPR.COMP USA Dollar/Nepal Rupee Spot
USDNZD.COMP USA Dollar/New Zealand Dollar Spot
USDNZDSN.COMP USA Dollar/New Zealand Dollar Spot
USDOMR.COMP USA Dollar/Oman Rial Omani Spot
USDPAB.COMP USA Dollar/Panama Balboa Spot
USDPEN.COMP USA Dollar/Peru Inti Spot
USDPENSN.COMP USA Dollar/Peru Inti Spot
USDPGK.COMP USA Dollar/Papua New Guinea Kina Spot
USDPHP.COMP USA Dollar/Philippines Peso Spot
USDPKR.COMP USA Dollar/Pakistan Rupee Spot
USDPLN.COMP USA Dollar/Poland New Zloty Spot
USDPLNSN.COMP USA Dollar/Poland New Zloty Spot
USDPYG.COMP USA Dollar/Paraguay Guarani Spot
USDQAR.COMP USA Dollar/Qatar Riyal Spot
USDQARSN.COMP USA Dollar/Qatar Riyal Spot
USDRON.COMP USA Dollar/Romania New Leu Spot
USDRSD.COMP USA Dollar/Serbia Dinar Spot
USDRUB.COMP USA Dollar/Russia Ruble Spot
USDRWF.COMP USA Dollar/Rwanda Rwanda Franc Spot
USDSAR.COMP USA Dollar/Saudi Arabia Riyal Spot
USDSARSN.COMP USA Dollar/Saudi Arabia Riyal Spot
USDSBD.COMP USA Dollar/Solomon Islands Solomon Island Dollar Spot
USDSCR.COMP USA Dollar/Seychelles Rupee Spot
USDSDD.COMP USA Dollar/Sudan Dinar Spot
USDSDDSN.COMP USA Dollar/Sudan Dinar Spot
USDSDG.COMP USA Dollar/Sudan Pound Spot
USDSEK.COMP USA Dollar/Sweden Krona Spot
USDSEKSN.COMP USA Dollar/Sweden Krona Spot
USDSGD.COMP USA Dollar/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
USDSGDSN.COMP USA Dollar/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
USDSHP.COMP USA Dollar/St.Helena Pound Spot
USDSKK.COMP USA Dollar/Slovokia Koruna Spot
USDSLL.COMP USA Dollar/Sierra Leone Leone Spot
USDSOS.COMP USA Dollar/Somalia Shilling Spot
USDSTD.COMP USA Dollar/Sao Tome and Principe Dobra Spot
USDSVC.COMP USA Dollar/El Salvador Colon Spot
USDSZL.COMP USA Dollar/Swaziland Lilageni Spot
USDTHB.COMP USA Dollar/Thailand Baht Spot
USDTHBSN.COMP USA Dollar/Thailand Baht Spot
USDTND.COMP USA Dollar/Tunisia Dinar Spot
USDTOP.COMP USA Dollar/Tonga Pa'anga Spot
USDTRY.COMP USA Dollar/Turkey Lira Spot
USDTTD.COMP USA Dollar/Trinidad and Tobago Dollar Spot
USDTWD.COMP USA Dollar/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
USDTZS.COMP USA Dollar/United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling Spot
USDUAH.COMP USA Dollar/Ukraine Hryvna Spot
USDUGX.COMP USA Dollar/Uganda Shilling Spot
USDUYU.COMP USA Dollar/Uruguay New Peso Spot
USDUZS.COMP USA Dollar/Uzbekistan Som Spot
USDVEF.COMP USA Dollar/Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte Spot
USDVND.COMP USA Dollar/Vietnam Dong Spot
USDXAF.COMP USA Dollar/Central African Republic Franc Spot
USDXCD.COMP USA Dollar/Dominica East Caribbean Dollar Spot
USDXOF.COMP USA Dollar/West Africa Franc Spot
USDXPF.COMP USA Dollar/French Polynesia Franc Spot
USDYER.COMP USA Dollar/Yemen Rial Spot
USDZAR.COMP USA Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
USDZARSN.COMP USA Dollar/South Africa Rand Spot
UYUEUR.COMP Uruguay New Peso/European Common Market Euro Spot
UYUGBP.COMP Uruguay New Peso/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
UYUUSD.COMP Uruguay New Peso/USA Dollar Spot
UZSCHF.COMP Uzbekistan Som/Switzerland Franc Spot
UZSGBP.COMP Uzbekistan Som/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
UZSUSD.COMP Uzbekistan Som/USA Dollar Spot
VEFEUR.COMP Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte/European Common Market Euro Spot
VEFGBP.COMP Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
VEFUSD.COMP Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte/USA Dollar Spot
VNDCAD.COMP Vietnam Dong/Canada Dollar Spot
VNDDKK.COMP Vietnam Dong/Denmark Krone Spot
VNDEUR.COMP Vietnam Dong/European Common Market Euro Spot
VNDGBP.COMP Vietnam Dong/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
VNDJPY.COMP Vietnam Dong/Japan Yen Spot
VNDUSD.COMP Vietnam Dong/USA Dollar Spot
VNDXAF.COMP Vietnam Dong/Central African Republic Franc Spot
XAFDKK.COMP Central African Republic Franc/Denmark Krone Spot
XAFUSD.COMP Central African Republic Franc/USA Dollar Spot
XCDDKK.COMP Dominica East Caribbean Dollar/Denmark Krone Spot
XCDGBP.COMP Dominica East Caribbean Dollar/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
XCDSRD.COMP Dominica East Caribbean Dollar/ Spot
XDRISK.COMP /Iceland Kronur Spot
XOFBRL.COMP West Africa Franc/Brazil Real Spot
XOFBWP.COMP West Africa Franc/Botswana Pula Spot
XOFCNY.COMP West Africa Franc/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
XOFGHS.COMP West Africa Franc/Ghanaian New Cedi Spot
XOFNAD.COMP West Africa Franc/Namibia Namibian Dollar Spot
XOFUSD.COMP West Africa Franc/USA Dollar Spot
XOFZAR.COMP West Africa Franc/South Africa Rand Spot
XPFGBP.COMP French Polynesia Franc/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
XPFUSD.COMP French Polynesia Franc/USA Dollar Spot
YERGBP.COMP Yemen Rial/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
YERUSD.COMP Yemen Rial/USA Dollar Spot
ZARAED.COMP South Africa Rand/U.A.E. Dirham Spot
ZARARS.COMP South Africa Rand/Argentina New Peso Spot
ZARAUD.COMP South Africa Rand/Australia Dollar Spot
ZARBRL.COMP South Africa Rand/Brazil Real Spot
ZARBWP.COMP South Africa Rand/Botswana Pula Spot
ZARCAD.COMP South Africa Rand/Canada Dollar Spot
ZARCDF.COMP South Africa Rand/ Spot
ZARCHF.COMP South Africa Rand/Switzerland Franc Spot
ZARCLP.COMP South Africa Rand/Chile Peso Spot
ZARCNY.COMP South Africa Rand/Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi Spot
ZARCOP.COMP South Africa Rand/Colombia Peso Spot
ZARCYP.COMP South Africa Rand/Cyprus Pound Spot
ZARCZK.COMP South Africa Rand/Czech Republic Koruna Spot
ZARDKK.COMP South Africa Rand/Denmark Krone Spot
ZAREGP.COMP South Africa Rand/Egypt Pound Spot
ZARETB.COMP South Africa Rand/Ethiopia Birr Spot
ZAREUR.COMP South Africa Rand/European Common Market Euro Spot
ZARGBP.COMP South Africa Rand/United Kingdom Pound Sterling Spot
ZARGHS.COMP South Africa Rand/Ghanaian New Cedi Spot
ZARHKD.COMP South Africa Rand/Hong Kong Dollar Spot
ZARHUF.COMP South Africa Rand/Hungary Forint Spot
ZARIDR.COMP South Africa Rand/Indonesia Rupiah Spot
ZARILS.COMP South Africa Rand/Israel Shekel Spot
ZARINR.COMP South Africa Rand/India Rupee Spot
ZARISK.COMP South Africa Rand/Iceland Kronur Spot
ZARJPY.COMP South Africa Rand/Japan Yen Spot
ZARKES.COMP South Africa Rand/Kenya Shilling Spot
ZARKRW.COMP South Africa Rand/Republic of Korea Won Spot
ZARLKR.COMP South Africa Rand/Sri Lanka Rupee Spot
ZARLSL.COMP South Africa Rand/Lesotho Maloti Spot
ZARMAD.COMP South Africa Rand/Morocco Dirham Spot
ZARMGA.COMP South Africa Rand/Malgasy Ariary Spot
ZARMUR.COMP South Africa Rand/Muaritius Rupee Spot
ZARMWK.COMP South Africa Rand/Malawi Kwacha Spot
ZARMXN.COMP South Africa Rand/Mexico New Peso Spot
ZARMYR.COMP South Africa Rand/Malaysia Ringgit Spot
ZARMZN.COMP South Africa Rand/ Spot
ZARNAD.COMP South Africa Rand/Namibia Namibian Dollar Spot
ZARNGN.COMP South Africa Rand/Nigeria Naira Spot
ZARNOK.COMP South Africa Rand/Norway Krone Spot
ZARNZD.COMP South Africa Rand/New Zealand Dollar Spot
ZAROMR.COMP South Africa Rand/Oman Rial Omani Spot
ZARPHP.COMP South Africa Rand/Philippines Peso Spot
ZARPKR.COMP South Africa Rand/Pakistan Rupee Spot
ZARPLN.COMP South Africa Rand/Poland New Zloty Spot
ZARPYG.COMP South Africa Rand/Paraguay Guarani Spot
ZARRON.COMP South Africa Rand/Romania New Leu Spot
ZARRUB.COMP South Africa Rand/Russia Ruble Spot
ZARRWF.COMP South Africa Rand/Rwanda Rwanda Franc Spot
ZARSDR.COMP South Africa Rand/ Spot
ZARSEK.COMP South Africa Rand/Sweden Krona Spot
ZARSGD.COMP South Africa Rand/Singapore Singapore Dollar Spot
ZARSZL.COMP South Africa Rand/Swaziland Lilageni Spot
ZARTHB.COMP South Africa Rand/Thailand Baht Spot
ZARTND.COMP South Africa Rand/Tunisia Dinar Spot
ZARTRY.COMP South Africa Rand/Turkey Lira Spot
ZARTWD.COMP South Africa Rand/Taiwan New Dollar Spot
ZARTZS.COMP South Africa Rand/United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling Spot
ZARUGX.COMP South Africa Rand/Uganda Shilling Spot
ZARUSD.COMP South Africa Rand/USA Dollar Spot
ZARUYU.COMP South Africa Rand/Uruguay New Peso Spot
ZARXOF.COMP South Africa Rand/West Africa Franc Spot
ZARZMW.COMP South Africa Rand/ Spot
ZMWDKK.COMP /Denmark Krone Spot
ZMWZAR.COMP /South Africa Rand Spot
  • This list of codes is a Guide only. Not all currencies or pairs are available in the feed. Please use the "Symbol Lookup/Search" to verify if various currency pairs are available from the provider.
  • Leave the [PERIOD] blank for Spot price.
Currency Description
AFA Afghanistan Afghani
ALL Albania Lek
DZD Algeria Dinar
AON Angola Kwanza
ARS Argentina New Peso
AMD Armenia Dram
AWG Aruba Guilder
AUD Australia Dollar
AZM Azerbaijan Manat
BSD Bahama Dollar
BHD Bahrain Dinar
BDT Bangladesh Taka
BBD Barbados Dollar
BYR Belarus Rouble
BZD Belize Dollar
BMD Bermuda Dollar
BTN Bhutan Ngultrum
BOB Bolivia Bolivianos
BAD Bosnia & Herzegowina Dinar
BWP Botswana Pula
BRR Brazil Real
BRL Brazil Real
BND Brunei Dollar
BND Brunei Darussalam Dollar
BGN Bulgaria Lev
BFF Burkina Faso Franc
BIF Burundi Franc
KHR Cambodia Riel
CAD Canada Dollar
CVE Cape Verde Escudo
KYD Cayman Islands Dollars
XAF Central African Republic Franc
CLP Chile Peso
CLF Chile Unidades De Formento
COP Colombia Peso
KMF Comoros Franc
KMF Comoros Franc
CDZ Congo,Dem. Republic New Zaire
CRC Costa Rica Colones
HRD Croatia Dinar
HRK Croatia Kuna
CUP Cuba Peso
CYP Cyprus Pound
CZK Czech Republic Koruna
DKK Denmark Krone
DJF Djibouti Franc
XCD Dominica East Caribbean Dollar
DOP Dominican Republic Peso
TPE East Timor Escudo
EGP Egypt Pound
SVC El Salvador Colon
ERN Eritrea Nakfa
EEK Estonia Kroon
ETB Ethiopia Birr
EUR European Common Market Euro
FKP Falkland Islands Pound
FJD Fiji Dollar
XPF French Polynesia Franc
GMD Gambia Dalasi
GEL Georgia Lari
GHC Ghana Cedi
GHS Ghanaian New Cedi
GIP Gibraltar Pound
GTQ Guatemala Quetzal
GNS Guinea Syli
GNF Guinea Franc
GWP Guinea-Bissau Peso
GYD Guyana Dollar
HTG Haiti Gourde
HNL Honduras Lempira
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HUF Hungary Forint
ISK Iceland Kronur
INR India Rupee
IDR Indonesia Rupiah
IRR Iran Rial
IQD Iraq Dinar
ILS Israel Shekel
ITL Italy Lira
JMD Jamaica Dollar
JPY Japan Yen
JOD Jordan Dinar
KZT Kazakhstan Tenge
KES Kenya Shilling
KWD Kuwait Dinar
KGS Kyrgyzstan Som
LAK Lao People's Dem. Republic Kip
LVL Latvia Lat
LBP Lebanon Pound
LSL Lesotho Maloti
LRD Liberia Dollar
LYD Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Dinar
LTL Lithuania Litas
MOP Macao Pataca
MKD Macedonia Dinar
MGF Madagascar Malagacy Franc
MWK Malawi Kwacha
MYR Malaysia Ringgit
MVR Maldives Rufiyaa
MGA Malgasy Ariary
MTL Malta Lira
MRO Mauritania Ouguiya
MXN Mexico New Peso
MDL Moldovia Leu
MNT Mongolia Turgik
MAD Morocco Dirham
MZM Mozambique Metical
MUR Muaritius Rupee
MMK Myanmar Kyat
NAD Namibia Namibian Dollar
NPR Nepal Rupee
ANG Netherlands Antilean Guilder
NZD New Zealand Dollar
NIC Nicaragua Cordoba
NIO Nicaragua Cordoba Oro
NGN Nigeria Naira
KPW North Korea Won
NOK Norway Krone
OMR Oman Rial Omani
PKR Pakistan Rupee
PAB Panama Balboa
PGK Papua New Guinea Kina
PYG Paraguay Guarani
CNY Peoples Republic of China Yuan Renminbi
PEN Peru Inti
PHP Philippines Peso
PLN Poland New Zloty
QAR Qatar Riyal
KRW Republic of Korea Won
ROL Romania Leu
RON Romania New Leu
RUB Russia Ruble
RUR Russian Federation Rouble
RWF Rwanda Rwanda Franc
STD Sao Tome and Principe Dobra
SAR Saudi Arabia Riyal
RSD Serbia Dinar
SCR Seychelles Rupee
SLL Sierra Leone Leone
SGD Singapore Singapore Dollar
SIT Slovenia Tolar
SKK Slovokia Koruna
SBD Solomon Islands Solomon Island Dollar
SOS Somalia Shilling
ZAR South Africa Rand
Euro Spain EUR
LKR Sri Lanka Rupee
SHP St.Helena Pound
SDD Sudan Dinar
SDG Sudan Pound
SRG Suriname Guilder
SZL Swaziland Lilageni
SEK Sweden Krona
CHF Switzerland Franc
SYP Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Pound
TWD Taiwan New Dollar
TJR Tajikistan Tajik Rouble
THB Thailand Baht
TOP Tonga Pa'anga
TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TND Tunisia Dinar
TRL Turkey Turkish Lira
TRY Turkey Lira
AED U.A.E. Dirham
UGX Uganda Shilling
UAH Ukraine Hryvna
GBP United Kingdom Pound Sterling
TZS United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling
UYU Uruguay New Peso
USD USA Dollar
UZS Uzbekistan Som
VUV Vanuatu Vatu
VEB Venezuela Bolivar
VEF Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte
VND Vietnam Dong
XOF West Africa Franc
WST Western Samoa Tala
YDD Yemen Dinar
YER Yemen Rial
YUD Yugoslavia Dinar
ZRZ Zaire Zaire
ZMK Zambia Kwacha
ZWD Zimbabwe Dollar
Period Description
0M 0 Months
10C 10Y Cheapest To Deliver
10L 10 Month LIBOR
10M 10 Months
10Y 10 Years
11L 11 Month LIBOR
11M 11 Months
11Y 11 Years
12B 12 Month Butterflies
12H March / March
12I June / June
12J September / September
12K December / December
12L 12 Month LIBOR
12M 12 Months
12R 12 Month Risk Reversal
12Y 12 Years
13M 13 Months
13Y 13 Years
14M 14 Months
14Y 14 Years
15D 15 Days
15M 15 Months
15Y 15 Years
16M 16 Months
17M 17 Months
180 15 Years
18M 18 Months
18X 180 Days
19M 19 Months
1B 1 Month Butterflies
1L 1 Month LIBOR
1M 1 Month
1R 1 Month Risk Reversal
1W 1 Week
1Y 1 Year
20M 20 Months
20Y 20 Years
21M 21 Months
22M 22 Months
23M 23 Months
240 20 Years
24M 24 Months
25M 25 Months
25Y 25 Years
26M 26 Months
27M 27 Months
28M 28 Months
29M 29 Months
2C 2Y Cheapest To Deliver
2L 2 Month LIBOR
2M 2 Months
2W 2 Weeks
2Y 2 Years
30D 30 Days
30M 30 Months
30Y 30 Years
31M 31 Months
32M 32 Months
33M 33 Months
34M 34 Months
35M 35 Months
35Y 35 Years
360 30 Years
36M 36 Months
3B 3 Month Butterflies
3L 3 Month LIBOR
3M 3 Months
3R 3 Month Risk Reversal
3W 3 Weeks
3Y 3 Years
40Y 40 Years
45Y 45 Years
4L 4 Month LIBOR
4M 4 Months
4W 4 Weeks
4Y 4 Years
50Y 50 Years
5C 5Y Cheapest To Deliver
5L 5 Month LIBOR
5M 5 Months
5Y 5 Years
60 5 Years
60D 60 Days
6B 6 Month Butterflies
6L 6 Month LIBOR
6M 6 Months
6R 6 Month Risk Reversal
6Y 6 Years
7L 7 Month LIBOR
7M 7 Months
7Y 7 Years
84 7 Years
8L 8 Month LIBOR
8M 8 Months
8Y 8 Years
90D 90 Days
9L 9 Month LIBOR
9M 9 Months
9Y 9 Years
BKR Brokers Reference Rate
COF 11th District Cost of Funds Index
DIS Discount Rate
IM1 1st IMM Contract
IM2 2nd IMM Contract
IM3 3rd IMM Contract
IM4 4th IMM Contract
IM5 5th IMM Contract
IM6 6th IMM Contract
IM7 7th IMM Contract
IM8 8th IMM Contract
IM9 9th IMM Contract
IMA 10th IMM Contract
IMB 11th IMM Contract
IMC 12th IMM Contract
IMD 13th IMM Contract
IME 14th IMM Contract
IMF 15th IMM Contract
IMG 16th IMM Contract
ON Overnight
ONL Overnight LIBOR
PRI Prime Rate
SN Spot Next
SPF Spot Fix
TDY Today
TN Tomorrow
Contributor Description
ABBA TenFore Average Best Bid/Ask
AIBK Allied Irish
BANX Bank of Mexico
BARC Barclays Bank
BDBI Mercantile Bank
BLLI Leumi Bank
BLTA Leumi Bank
BNPF BNP Paribas
BROK Broker Snapshot
CBIC Central Bank of Iceland
CBOA Central Bank of Armenia
CITA City Bank
CMC Currency Management Corporation
COMP TenFore Composite Symbol
DDBK Danske Bank
DRES Dresdner Kleinwort
DSTI Delta Stock Inc.
ECBF European Central Bank
EUAM TenFore Synthetic Symbol
FCFX Stone X
FIBI First International Bank of Israel
HAPI Poalim Bank
IDBT Discount Bank
IGBK Investec Bank
MBT MB Trading
MDBI Mercantile Bank Israel
MFXM Macedonian Fx Market (Central Bank of Macedonia)
MIGF MIG Financial SA
MIZI Mizrahi Bank
MORN Morningstar Synthetic
MRIT Merita Bank
OZAR Otzar Ha Hayal Bank
POTA Poalim Bank
RADA Rada Forex
RTFX Realtime Forex
SAXO Saxo Bank
TUBD Trinkaus
TULT Tullet & Tokyo
UBII Union Bank Israel
WBLT Winsor Broker
Precious Metal Description
AUG Gold/Silver Ratio
XAG Silver
XAU Gold
XPD Palladium
XPG Platinum-Gold
XPT Platinum
Coin Description
AUN Australian Nugget
BRI Britannia
DOE Double Eagle
KRU Kruggerand
MAL Maple Leaf
MXP Mexican 50 Peso
NSO New Sovereign
OSO Old Sovereign